1. stevecbr

    Sprocket advice, JT or Afam?

    Need to change chain and sprockets soon, now done 29000 miles and starting to get a tight spot. I have a choice of DID VX gold chain X ring with Afam sprockets, or same DID chain with JT sprockets. Only £1 difference between them, just wondered if JT or Afam or better? They are selling for £98...
  2. R

    Whats it worth

    Hi All I am thinking of selling my mt09 tracer ,I would appreciate your thoughts on price .It has been heavily modified I know I could remove the extras but I would like to move it on as it is. Yamaha mt09 tracer Registered 03/06/16 6147 miles Silver/blue Last serviced 2473( was 6000 mile...
  3. B

    Standard exhaust

    Hi guys , anyone selling a standard exhaust for mt 09 ? Thanks .
  4. 2

    Thinking of selling the street rally

    Hi Guys Thinking of selling the Street rally I have , it's a 15 plate registered in March this year totally standard with 400miles on the clock, what kind of money do you think I should be asking for it ? Only selling as I am not using it as I expected to and I seem to be riding the two strokes...
  5. R


    Just done a deal on a new Tracer after selling my VFR1200. Thought I'd pop in and say hello.