1. trevorleigh

    Tilt Sensor Connector

    Hi All Does anyone here know where I might be able to get a replacement connector plug for the tilt/cut out sensor, as I have had a little mouse issue and he decided to eat some of my wires. It is the white plastic piece in the photo, from Yamaha it is all part of the main loom, my local...
  2. RipGroove

    Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK)

    ***SOLD*** Kevxtx o2 sensor controller mod (UK) *** SOLD *** Removed from my bike today as I now have the Woolich Racing ECU flash with o2 sensor delete. This o2 mod is perfect if you want to smooth out your throttle a bit without having your ECU flashed. Very easy to fit (Kev's instructions...
  3. barton

    Dog Bone /Suspension arms are they stock

    Potching around the bike today and decided to add a little extra rear ride height. When I was adjusting the shock a saw the letters IRC stamped int the dog bone / suspension link, Is this a stock item or as the p[previous owner changed them. Also the lamba sensor was disconnected ?. is there...
  4. Kinjane

    AITS relocation

    The Air Intake Temperature Sensor in its stock location is subject to unwanted heat from both the radiator and engine when stationary for any length of time or in slow moving traffic. You can easily verify this yourself by checking the ambient temperature readout on the dash. This ECU...
  5. Mark Arnold Evered

    ABS Rear Wheel Removal

    Hi all, First post with a silly questions I can't find an answer to all over the internet. I hope someone can help! ;) It's time to replace the cheese tyre that came with the bike. The manual states that wheel removal should only be carried out by dealers on the ABS models. I can't get my...