1. JohnD


    Added a Daytime running light to the forks to fill the black spot in front at night and a set of Aliexpress LED lights for width to High Beam at night.
  2. M

    MT 09 2016 ABS co2 settings

    can anyone help i have followed instructions on how to reset co2 settings on my bike i have held down both buttons switched on ingnition and waited but alas nothing do i need to set mode to std and traction control to 1 or 2 or do i have a fault with the diplay
  3. K

    Some Advice/Opinions please.

    O.K. finally finished and fitted my modified stock exhaust system, thread with pics to follow soon. And today I added a k&n filter and set the CO to 14 on each cylinder a guesstimate really to help compensate for a leaner fuel/air mixture with the exhaust and filter, also my bike had previously...
  4. P

    MT09 Tracer rear footrest hangers wanted

    Has anyone removed their passenger footrests? I'm looking for a set if you wish to sell them.
  5. stevecbr

    Brake pad replacement

    Bike now done over 21000 miles, and the pads are getting low. I have a 2013 non ABS model, and am happy with the braking performance. The OE pads are £33 a set from my dealer, £19 for the EBC similar parts, or Pyramid parts sell the full set, front & rear, for £29 (link below). I will probably...
  6. J

    2017 mt-09

    Hi MT-09 gurus! Can anyone help me? Just got my new MT-09 a little over a week ago and I came here looking for recommended suspension settings. I'm probably about 200 lbs with all my gear on and I ride mostly canyon roads--some very smooth sections and some really bad concrete sections where...
  7. S

    Date format

    I've looked in the settings and profile for setting the date format shown on threads. I see MM-DD-YYYY , but would like to set this to DD-MM-YYYY , is there an option?
  8. T

    Mixing tyres

    Hi all its time for a new rear tyre after 3500 miles. Not sure what way to go, should i buy just a rear Bridgestone s21 as i still got plenty of life in the front s20 is it ok to mix s20 / s21? Or stop being a tight arse and buy a set of PR4s or somthing else. I am commuting through London...
  9. D

    Hi Newbie question

    Hi all ,I recently sold my 2008 650 versys after 8 years of ownership. Great bike Just got bored with it .Took a test ride on a new MT09 Tracer Impresive bike ,there is however one thing putting me of purchasing, when I did a slight tug of the bars at about 70mph It induced a very slight weave...
  10. M

    Old Boy (great movie) Newbie to site

    Hello fellow MT-aniacs, had mine for a year now, love it, the rawness of it's power, the roar of it's Akrapovic from tick over to 137mph, it keeps this old bugga as happy as his two stroke teenage days. Has taken me on some long European trips and many a Sunday blast. Now needing a service and...
  11. Griff1971

    New member from Manchester.

    HI all, new to this forum, pick my new toy up in a couple of days, new tracer :cool: was riding sports bikes for aprox 15 years, but now im getting on a bit :) tourer/adventure bikes the way forward now. will probably be asking for lots of advice regarding changing parts and set up etc...
  12. stevie996

    CNC brake and clutch levers

    Has anyone changed theirs? I'm not going to spend upwards of £160 to £180 for these so open to pointers. I've seen a nice set on eBay item number 111895660763. Any comments would be appreciated. Steve
  13. jay86jay


    hi all.only been riding 12 months and i have had two sets of the standard battleaxe now and to be fair i have had no problems at all with them.( apart from a bit of squaring but im getting there:p) been looking at rosso 2's for my next set. anyone rate them or have any other suggestions. i am...
  14. A

    kriega bags

    thought just show great set up with kriega tail bags.
  15. C

    MT09 rubber frame plugs

    Hello Does anyone know where I can get a set of the black rubber frame plugs to suit the mt09??
  16. J

    Touring on a mt09

    Have managed to get the shad side cases inc brakets for under £300 all new just a case of shopping about So all set up for touring this summer
  17. M

    2 R/H Side Cartridge Upgrade and zx10r Shock, Stoked

    Installed the 2005 ZX10R shock, standard MT spring set at stock max preload length, 1.5 turns out from minimum reb and comp, rear end excellent, compliant and controlled $200 NZD mod inc Suzuki Bolt kit. The front end was a bit dearer to sort but still happy. Managed to secure another R/H...
  18. LewFZ1

    Adjusting drive chain

    Okay folks so which way do you adjust your drive chain. I suspect there is no difference , the owners manual says adjust on the side stand, the service manual says adjust on a Paddock stand. Both methods give the same settings 5mm>15mm. must admit 5mm seems tight to me even 15mm seems tight...
  19. M

    Suspension set up in Oz

    Hi guys. Just wondering where is the place to set up my suspension in Melbourne. Any riders from Melbourne? If so it will be a great help. Cheers
  20. X


    Another question. Having looked at all the rack options, I think they all ruin the looks of the MT-09. Most of the time my Baglux tang bag will suffice, but for holidays I need to carry more. Has anyone bought a set of throwovers, please? And if so, what are they?