1. jack591

    K-Tech & YSS suspension upgrade

    Just wanted to post a quick review as I couldn’t find information when I was looking about the K-Tech SSK piston kit and the YSS MZ456 rear shock for a 2015 MT09. Got this fitted last week and went for a good ride on the weekend to test out. Overall this is just night and day difference to...
  2. B

    MT09 common mod feedback

    Hey all, In light of it being quiet here I thought I would add a short post to review a few things I have done to my 2016 MT09. It might help others decide what to do themselves! Ok so first off: K-tech Razor R rear shock / Ktech 20IDS fork cartridges with KTech springs.(9.8cst oil in comp...
  3. P

    Rear Shock

    My 2014 MT09 feels like a 1970's bike when on bumpy B roads around Sussex I know there has been a lot said on the forum about the poor quality rear shock but can I ask the owners who have change the shock for a Nitron is there a big difference? I have tried to adjust the pre-load and re-bound...
  4. Russ Quinlan

    OE Rear Shock

    Just replaced the original with a Nitron so if anyone needs an OE Shock with just over 8k miles on it (since 2015) then its for sale on Ebay for £80 but £60 on here plus postage.
  5. T

    K-tech shock

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone on here has fitted a K-tech Razor lite shock and if so what do you think of the ride and handling?
  6. M

    Looking for a Aftermarket Rear Shock

    Looking to see if anyone is selling a aftermarket shock for the MT-09 Will consider anything but esp K-tech or Nitron or anything else really that would be a upgrade.
  7. Jetty

    Had a brief look around but have found definitive answer - ZX10 Rear shock...Age?

    Hi - I see that most/all posts about using a ZX10 rear shock. Can anyone please tell me if newer versions can be used? For example, 2010-2015. Thank you. :)
  8. D

    zx6r rear shock

    morning lads. just a quick update on zx6r rear shock fitted about 3 weeks ago.have done about 300 miles now on shock and have noticed a rubbing mark on the inside of the clutch casing where the remote is rubbing. not much but needs to be sorted. would recommend if fitting zx6r shock before you...
  9. D

    zx6r rear shock

    Just to update, have now fitted xz6r rear shock to bike. found it rearly easy to fit . went in with a push the only things to watch out for are the starter motor and battery leads will need to be pushed out of way. What a difference to standard shock, just shows what a load of old rubbish the...
  10. F

    2009 ZX6R rear shock for tracer

    Sold !!!!!!
  11. D

    fitting zx6r rear shock

    Hy lads. managed to get zx6r rear shock for MT09. could any one tell me which way is best to fit it, is it with the main body facing up or down. was wondering how you can do adjustments with shock on bike as all the adjusters are either hidden or facing down. many thanks for any help with this...
  12. kdimitris

    ZX6RR or ZX10R shock wanted

    As title says, i' m looking to sort my shock with one of these kawi shocks!! If anyone own one and want to sale it please, hit...
  13. P

    MT09 2017 rear shock adjustment?

    I thought I would bump the rear shock up to level 5. Attacked it from all angles with the adjuster and short of dismantling 3 cables on the right hand side I couldn't get the darn tool secured to turn it up to 5. Too much attention to a 'tidy' tail and no attention to the hapless owner who might...
  14. P

    2015 ZX10R Rear Shock.

    Any idea if this shock will fit the 09? If not, what year/s should I be...
  15. barton

    rear shock ride height adjustment

    Picked up a low mileage 14 plate MT09. After just 5 miles realise the suspension is utter crap. so three days later K-Tech razor shock and K-Tech ids cartridge kit. Now much better, but in A mode the throttle snatch still tends to push me a little wide as the front goes light. I raised the forks...
  16. C

    Ohlins shock, k-tech fork springs

    £350 for the shock. £50 for the springs. Plus post. Will haggle.
  17. C

    2017 mode A STD B

    Guys I'm almost convinced Yamaha changed the A and B settings on the new 2017 version. I think I remember reading About it and being told it matches the same at the MT10.
  18. D

    Zx6rr shock

    Has anyone fitted a 2012 ZX6RR rear shock to there MT09 , if so any pit falls to watch out for. Regards Dave
  19. D

    kawasaki rear shock

    was thinking about changing rear shock for Kawasaki c1 or c2 . can any one tell me how the remote reservoir fits under the seat, there does not seem that much room under there. plus how do you alter the preload rings as they will be under the seat also .Has any one had good results from fitting...
  20. S

    Rear shock ZX6RR 2006 & ZX10R 2010 and possible hyperpro progressive front springs

    Rear shock ZX6RR 2006 & ZX10R 2010 and possible hyperpro progressive front springs Dear all, The past year I had my mind sorted on fixing the suspension. Started with a ZX10R, and changed to a ZX6RR shock once I found one online. However, the girlfriend is not really enthusiastic to hop on...