1. J

    What changes did I do to my bike?

    Short video showing my modifications to the bike + Akrapovic exhaust
  2. Unfazed

    Replacement levers, short or regular?

    Thinking of replacing the brake and clutch levers (must be bored or something) Anyone had experience of the short ones or best to stick to regular length?
  3. P

    MT09 2017 rear shock adjustment?

    I thought I would bump the rear shock up to level 5. Attacked it from all angles with the adjuster and short of dismantling 3 cables on the right hand side I couldn't get the darn tool secured to turn it up to 5. Too much attention to a 'tidy' tail and no attention to the hapless owner who might...
  4. MT09-Smurf

    Help... Short Beep when IGN switched to on.

    Weird goings on... when I switch the IGN to ON, the horn makes a very short half hearted beep.. the dash shows no error codes, ABS light goes out as usual when pulling away. Dash displays as normal, and rides as normal.. Any ideas anyone. Recently had Hel Lines fitted by dealer and the recall...
  5. Y

    ASV short lever set

    I've got a pair of ASV short levers from my MT09, they came fitted to the bike but are too short and not comfy so i've replaced them with long ones. These are like new and have the tiniest bit of wear where they attach to the bike, so it's not even visible when fitted. Anyone interested for...
  6. Stripy

    SR seat for MT-09 2013-2016

    Hi all, As i've recently upgraded my MT to a Tracer, i have now the Street Rally seat left over, and offering it up for sale to the forum here. The seat is one year old, and to me, it is a vast improvement from the standard seat, even on long journeys. i've done Th'Alps and lately mid-Germany...
  7. LewFZ1

    Just a heads up

    Just a heads up on BBC 1 N Ireland @10.30pm Cookstown 100 road races.See how real men race , not the pussies that do the short circuits lol.
  8. M

    Trackday, MT09

    Here's some footage of my MT on track. It's my first trackday with this bike, and I think it was a blast to ride! The track is in Sweden, it's a short track (2,1Km), and has a fair amount of elevation and a short straight.......just about perfect for our MT's. YouTube
  9. donut

    MT07 vs MT09 short video

    For those that are interested, here's a short video to show the difference in speed between my MT-07 and an MT-09
  10. S

    Don't get AVDB-Moto levers

    Made my purchase for my first mod to my 2 week old Tracer of some short levers from Avdb-Moto. They are well made and looked good, but they're obviously made for the standard 09. The brake levers fine, but the clutch lever hits the front of the (larger than standard 09) switch box, before it...
  11. MT09-Smurf

    ** Memorial Ride ** from Streetbike, Halesowen.

    Hi everyone, there is going to be a Memorial Ride Out on Sunday 31 Aug. It's in memory of Jake Hingley, an employee of Streetbike, who tragically lost his life at Cadwell Park on 17th August. Everyone's welcome if you can make it, short notice I know, but I've just been told...? I believe it...