1. O

    Remap Mt09

    Hy lads. I know this has been covered on here so many times but would just like to add my experience. when I bought the bike from Motts of Basingstoke I had the Yamaha remap put in found not much difference rearly. then went to the Kevex co controller and found it did improve it and made the...
  2. Jetty

    Slightly excited...

    Am so excited that I have to tell someone, so its you lot. Leaving for two days ride to the MotoGP race at Sachsenring from Harwich on Wednesday evening on my '15 Street Rally. Just been re-mapped to perfection by Simon ([email protected]). Cherry on the top is that I shall be in the VR46...
  3. Jetty

    Latest ECU Map.

    Hi - Just to ram it home...I had another re-map for my '15 Street Rally from Simon last week before a few days zipping around Wales. This has transformed my bike entirely. Up until then, I hated the snatchy throttle at closed to open, so rode around in B mode mostly, switching to STD or A only...
  4. G

    S-Tec for Flashing

    Being a new member and having read several threads on here about ECU Flashing, i wasn't too sure, I took my standard 2016 Tracer down to Simon of S-Tec in Newbury on Monday and spend a brilliant morning with Simon as he carefully dismantled my bike and then flashed my ECU. My ride back to North...
  5. J

    ECU Flash

    I love the engine on the Tracer but I know because of EU emissions laws the poor thing is being strangled, and a recent 1600 mile trip down to the French Pyrenees just confirmed this. On the slow twisty mountain passes in low gear the engine felt as if it was constantly "searching" and not...
  6. marksim

    Is the ABS available in the USA yet ?

    Does anybody know if the MT-09 "FZ-09" ABS is available in the USA yet. Just wanting them to hurry up and sort the Aftermarket ECU Flash out. Just being impatient but as soon as it is Simon will be able to do his thing.