1. K

    Denali Sound Bomb Installation

    I thought that some of you might be interested in my sound bomb installation if you (like me) believe that the standard horn is rather pathetic. This is the split Sound Bomb fitted to SW Motech protection bars and is a very easy fit and I think looks quite tidy in the end. What do you think? By...
  2. K

    Anyone fitted a Denali Sound Bomb horn to their bike?

    I have just ordered a Denali Sound Bomb for my bike and am interested to see if anyone else has fitted one and, if so, any suggestions as to mounting points, tips and tricks, etc. Anyone???
  3. H

    MT-09 clutch noise

    Hi guys ! This sound is normal ?? ( The noise starts with temperature 80°c+ (before that not hear). My bike this with the same noise. It is witch 102KM (New bike) Thank you.
  4. 2

    Titanium Akra baffle

    Hi, anyone know where I can get a replacement Baffle for my Titanium Akro, or is there an alternative to quieten it down a little without losing that sound ? Thanks
  5. M

    Black/clear oil and grating sound on accel

    Hi all, Wondered if anyone had come across this issue - Yesterday I noticed a slight grating sound. Didn't think it was anything and most likely just the chain. However this morning it was more pronounced and seems to be coming from transmission side. I have not have much time to troubleshoot...
  6. whooshbang

    Clunk when pulling away with haste???

    Hi, Not sure if this is normal.... certainly never had it on my other bikes, but when i want to move off hastily i get a nasty single clunk sound. So bike in 1st gear sat on traffic lights. need to move off with a little haste. bring the rpms up a touch and drop the clutch with a little...
  7. Camalogui

    [DIY] Xiaomi Yi - Micro & sound correction

    Hi guys, This is a short DIY about one way to improve the sound of Xiaomi Yi!
  8. Camalogui

    Night Ride - Testing Xiaomi Yi

    Hi guys, I bought this camera some time ago and just now could try it. About the image I think it is acceptable. What impressed me for the positive was the sound. Image and sound: Xiaomi Yi! Hope you enjoy.
  9. S

    New wheel needed

    After hitting a piece of 4" x 4" fence post that some nice lorry driver dropped right in front of me on the motorway, I am now in need of a new front wheel. Can anyone suggest where the best place to get one is please? Fowlups have quoted me a shade over £500. Does that sound about right or what?
  10. stevecbr

    Modifying a standard MT09 exhaust

    Finally managed to modify my standard exhaust. Bought one of Ebay for £62, cut the top of it and removed some internal pipework. Had a local fabricator reweld it back on for £20 Took about an hour to remove my original and refit my modified one I did a sound test before and after with my a...
  11. S

    New member

    Hi everyone, 1st post - just bought an ex demo Tracer (800 miles) as my everyday bike which I'll be doing about 10k year a year on. First impressions are really good but early days. Bike came with a few factory extra's but I'm just starting to think about getting it right for me. I will be...
  12. loneranger

    DBKiller Baffle Akrapovic removal and fit guide

    Hi guys posted this a few days ago. Will sort out sound if I post another. Hope its useful
  13. lee1980

    Denali split sound horn

    Just ordered one from R&G. This differs form first one in that the compressor part can be put anywhere on bike away from actual horn. As long as pipe run is not to near exhaust etc. I was going to get first one but knew it look like a huge lump on side of engine/frame etc atleast now have more...
  14. Camalogui

    Starting up, SOUND!!!

    Hi Guys, A short video with the sound of starting the bike. Stock exhaust and cold engine. My idea was to do something more but maybe next time :D Cheers!!!
  15. M

    hahaha! back of the net!

    Thailand have just announced they are slashing 4 baht off the price of a litre of 95 gasohol thats around 35p a gallon. ..........they must have known ive just booked a flight.........:cool: might not sound like much but it means a free lunch every time i fill up! happy days:D
  16. emptyoh9

    DB levels at Track days and Akrapovic exhausts

    This might be a stupid bunch of questions and/or in the wrong place but... I was looking at doing my first track day using my MT and most of the track days state that there's "noise" restriction. I have a few questions for those in the know... 1. How do they measure that sound, by which i mean...