1. Littlebruv

    Suspension setup

    Hi all. Anyone tried setting up their front suspension with success either self taught or watched one of the videos on the internet ?, if so as it in some ways cured the high speed weave at all
  2. Laffli

    Speed wobble

    The speed wobble is caused by the air flow of the screen. When my tracer was standard I had a slight wobble at high speed, then I put a givi screen on and had very bad wobbles at about 120. I then fitted a steering damper and a powerbronze sports screen, then there was no wobble at any speed. I...
  3. S

    Mobile speed camara vans

    Well I am fxxking sick of them this year nearly every time I have a ride out I see one in North Yorkshire and I've had some near £100 & 3 points moments I've not been going daft and they have all been in national speed limit of 60 mph,I've had another close one today I know my speedo is around...
  4. M

    New 2017 MT-09 Engine problem?

    Hi everyone, Just looking for a second opinion from any mechanical types here as I think there's something wrong with my new 2017 MT-09 AU model with Akrapovic Titanium exhaust (fitted by the dealer). From day one I've noticed the engine is quite rough\hesitant when not fully on the gas. It's...
  5. T

    UK Bike magazine shootout

    Mays edition of UK's BIKE magazine has a 3 bike shootout, 2017 MT09 v Ducati 1200 Monster v Triumph Speed Triple R. Guess which one came out on top? :D:D;)
  6. NotesNut

    Newbie from Ayr, Scotland

    Hi folks, been a cruiser rider for years and decided that I fancied a change. Sat on the MT09 and thought it was superb. Took it out and was blown away by its agility and speed (not surprising since I have only ever ridden cruisers). Graeme
  7. C

    Motorway cruising speeds

    Hi All, Just joined the forum as test rode a MT09 Tracer yesterday and wanted to ask you long termers a question about cruising speed and engine speed. I had a good hour on the bike, including A roads, B roads and motorway. I won't go over throttle or screen issues as they have been done to...
  8. Unfazed

    New average speed cameras on the A2

    There seem to be more average speed cameras being installed, Now they are being installed from the Black Prince junction all the way to the Blackwall Tunnel on the A2
  9. M

    CFRP Mirrors, made in Japan

    Magical Racing's RR mirrors are the ultimate expression of high-end performance enhancements for your MT09. Perfectly crafted from complex 2 piece carbon mirror bodies, and billeted aluminium attachments, they are a true progression from ungainly, heavy OEM mirror units. Firstly, the RR mirrors...
  10. donut

    MT07 vs MT09 short video

    For those that are interested, here's a short video to show the difference in speed between my MT-07 and an MT-09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9KpGiEWZSs
  11. donut

    Speed Triple to MT-09

    Hi guys. MT-07 owner and loving that (about to have the suspension uprated today) and probably about to change my 1050 Speed Triple for an MT-09. After 4 years of Triumph ownership I've come to realise that it's now just too big and heavy for the type of riding I like to do (A roads and twisty...
  12. S

    wollowing at high speed..

    I am finding the bike to wallow & weave at high speed above 180km/h .. the front becomes light & wallows uncomfortably .. What do you experience out there, & is there a cure to this problem..??
  13. A


    Hi all, I have recently loged on to MT09 forum and interested if any one can help. I have just run in my Tracer MT09 and gave it a bit of a squirt to find that it is speed governed to 191 ks /hr. It will pull full revs in 1-4 gears ie 11,250 however in 5 and 6, gears the governed speed of 191...
  14. P

    Have I done the right thing?

    Hi to all, Have I done the right thing? After going to have a pair of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa's fitted to my 7600 miles 2011 Triumph Speed Triple yesterday (30-05-15) whilst they were being fitted I wondered off around the bike shop to kill some time....... So after a little while of killing...
  15. Banksy

    Bridgestone BT30

    Just a quick one... Anyone tried a pair of BT30s on an MT yet? Hear BT 023 fitted as a pair can cause the bike to be less stable at speed.. I know the Road 3and 4 are getting lots of good reviews. Just interested to hear anything on the 30s..
  16. P

    MT09 Summer is Arriving!! (Top speed check)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKjSU4EmZdU&feature=youtu.be :cool:
  17. Slappyhead

    Speed cameras

    Just had a letter through the post telling me that I have been caught speeding. I think I know what happened but I am interested to see if anyone has any advice! I was on a dual carriageway, a 50mph limit. On the other carriageway, facing the other way was a speed camera van. I assumed he was...
  18. RipGroove

    Speed with Guy Martin - Pikes Peak 2014

    For those that don't know, this weeks episode of Speed with Guy Martin is on Channel 4 on Sunday at 8pm and is about his taking part in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2014 on his turbocharged GSX-R1100. Should be a good one to watch ;)
  19. Spot

    Best and Worst MPG from your bike?

    I was just reviewing my fuelly figures and I seem to be averaging 48 MPG. However.... I've managed to get a best of 86 MPG on a rainy day when I put it in B mode and ended up on a huge stretch of motorway roadworks which limited me to 50mph because of average speed cameras and I've managed a...