1. Russ Quinlan

    Chain and Sprocket Time

    Time to get the old chain and Sprockets off over Christmas, had a Stealth on my Blackbird for a while to time to do the same on the Tracer. Hopefully it all goes smoothly !!
  2. stevecbr

    Changed the chain and sprockets at 29500 miles

    Changed the original chain & sprockets last night, chain was getting tightspots, and setting the chain slack at the tight spot meant I was getting about 50mm slack at the loose spots! Used one of those cheap ebay breaker/riviter tools (about £12) and everything went well, soft link flared out...
  3. stevecbr

    Sprocket advice, JT or Afam?

    Need to change chain and sprockets soon, now done 29000 miles and starting to get a tight spot. I have a choice of DID VX gold chain X ring with Afam sprockets, or same DID chain with JT sprockets. Only £1 difference between them, just wondered if JT or Afam or better? They are selling for £98...