1. Littlebruv

    Top yolk protection

    Does anyone know if there is a cover for the top yolk to stop lose attachments to the ignition key from scratching the paint
  2. Littlebruv

    Left foot rest hanger

    I have the Tracer 900 and would like to know if anyone knows if there is a cover made for the gap on the footrest hanger to help stop chain spray from going through it onto gear change pedal or boot
  3. gotoGaz

    Movement in front end when slowing down/stopping.

    Hi, I'm on my 6th Yamaha ;) I love them. Decided to get rid of my MT 07 and get the MT 09 Tracer. I've had it a good few months but recently I've noticed when slowing down and coming to a stop the front end becomes wobbly and as you come to a stop it feels like the handlebars are tilting...
  4. P

    Handlebar shake

    Has one had the bars weave under hard acceleration and any idea how to stop it
  5. S


    hi guys just wanted to say hello . Just traded my xjr1300 in for the mt09 and i carnt stop laughing. few mods to do but its all good
  6. B

    It was raining Saturday so I went out bought a new bike!

    Well, new to me anyway with less than 3000 careful miles its as good as. Not ridden yet as its still raining and if it doesn't stop soon I'll trade in for a boat! Already looked around here a bit and seems like a good place to hang out so see ya soon. :o:) Booney
  7. relz

    Short term ABS failure

    The other night when I was riding home in a nice spirited ride, I noticed that the ABS warning light came on and stayed on. When approaching the next traffic light, at a low speed, I slammed on the rear brake and indeed the wheel locked (the ABS wasn't working). Seeing that I'm a computer guy...
  8. R6owdlad

    Power bronze rear hugger

    Anyone fit one of these and if so does it stop the spray hitting your back? Cheers