1. jack591

    K-Tech & YSS suspension upgrade

    Just wanted to post a quick review as I couldn’t find information when I was looking about the K-Tech SSK piston kit and the YSS MZ456 rear shock for a 2015 MT09. Got this fitted last week and went for a good ride on the weekend to test out. Overall this is just night and day difference to...
  2. Russ Quinlan

    Suspension Upgrade?

    Aiming to upgrade the suspension on the Tracer before the weather improves. So what has everyone gone for and do you also upgrade the front, and if so, with what ? I know we could spend silly money doing this but just need some realistic prices, given the cost of the bike is relatively cheap...
  3. Y

    MT10 or suspension?

    As much as i love my MT09, being a heavy lad, I do find the suspension too soft and bouncy, So i'm looking at two options: Maxton suspension all round, cheaper option (than the other!) Trade-in and get an MT10 (more expensive but better long term?) Anyone done the suspension upgrade and found...
  4. K

    Complete new suspension

    I have given up trying to get my suspension setup just right. In th past I have been spoilt with having customised or personalised suspension (Ohlins/Nitron, etc). So, I have just bitten the bullet and yesterday took delivery of my forks which have been kitted with an Andreani cartridge (with...
  5. Littlebruv

    Suspension setup

    Hi all. Anyone tried setting up their front suspension with success either self taught or watched one of the videos on the internet ?, if so as it in some ways cured the high speed weave at all
  6. ib1-2

    Suspension adjustment

    Finally got round to adjusting suspension. The front bounced around under braking so I had a look at adjusting front and rear. Best setup for me weighing 12st 11lbs, Front compression 6mm and rebound one click in from maximum, rear compression number 6 and rebound half a turn out. It stiffened...
  7. S

    New triumph street triple RS

    I had a test ride on the new RS yesterday mainly cos I had a early R which was a great bike,before I set off on the new bike I nearly said I won't bother as the clocks have too many options,I asked the dealer to turn all the TC off but after he had shown me how to do it my eyes had glazed over...
  8. L

    New 2017 mt09

    Cmc at Cannock have some of the new mt09s in the shop.Had a good look around it yesterday and fell in love with the Matt black one.I think the new style lights and radiator covers are a nice improvement over the old bike,not too sure about the number plate thing coming off the swingarm though...
  9. H

    Transform bike handling for £36 - yes really

    Posting this message to share the deal of the century I received at Steve Jordan motorcycles in Leatherhead. Hopefully other MT09 riders can benefit. Mine is the Tracer and it just felt too 'hard' out of the box (oo er vicar)... Steve Jordan's place is well known in the south for excellent race...
  10. J

    WANTED: r/h fork cartridge!

    Upgraded your suspension? I'd love to buy your leftover r/h fork cartridge. Please PM me if you have one you'd like to sell.
  11. B

    Which bike should I buy, all three are Yamahas

    Hi, I'm in a quandary, a dealer is selling the 2016 MT 09 for about the same price as the MT 07 (£6234 OTR) and I am not sure which way to go? They are doing this because a new 2017 MT 09 is going on sale in December. I was unsure if I wanted an MT 07 or an MT 09 in the first place, now I don't...
  12. M

    MT Clothing range

    Just taken a look at the new range of MT clothing, seems to have grown quite a bit from a couple of years back. Think I might have to make a purchase. I've got a pair of MT cargo pants - size 33 waist, washed a few times so some fade but have all the protectors and in good condition if anyone...
  13. S

    Tracer mods so far

    I've had the tracer a few months now and I am very pleased with it but it needed some mods especially the suspesion so I started with Andreani fork cartridges which I am pleased with the results,I did think the front was worse than the rear but after fitting the k-tech razor R rear shock last...
  14. S

    Has Anyone Fitted an Aftermarket Rear Shock or Done any Fork Mods??

    I like my Tracer and plan on keeping it for a few years yet so I thought it might be worth while doing some suspension upgrades. The original suspension is okay at present but does not have the ride quality of some of my other bikes and it will deteriorate with age ( A bit like me.). Has...
  15. K

    Bye bye Tracer........ Hello MT-10

    Ehhh, uhmm, well i went to dealership for 6k service and this happened....... her indoors doesn't even know yet :(. Arriving 2nd week in June, in black,..... the lure of the dark side is strong!! :cool: On a side note, Tracer never put a foot wrong, if you sort out the suspension and the seat...
  16. S

    First 150 mile on my new tracer

    First run out on the new tracer this aft and i am pleased with my choice even though i didnt go over 5000 rpm which is still 80 mph,on the bumpy twistie roads i think i could have got the tracer out of shape if i had gone much quicker,after my next ride i will have a play with the suspension as...
  17. atomic

    New MT 09 2016 owner

    Hello everyone ! Reporting as a new proud owner of matte gray 2016 MT 09. For some time following this forum. I wanted this bike when it came out in 2013, in the meantime I was the owner of Ducati Monster 796 ABS and although I really liked the bike, that was not it. Ducs have a great sound...
  18. B

    New Old Rider

    Just joined up, now I've chopped my MT-07 in for a more, ahem, grown-up machine - 2015 model with "free" Akra pipe. Picked it up from On Yer Bike on Friday. That extra cylinder and a few more cc's certainly certainly makes a big difference over the smaller bike! The riding position suits my...
  19. M

    Suspension set up in Oz

    Hi guys. Just wondering where is the place to set up my suspension in Melbourne. Any riders from Melbourne? If so it will be a great help. Cheers
  20. donut

    Speed Triple to MT-09

    Hi guys. MT-07 owner and loving that (about to have the suspension uprated today) and probably about to change my 1050 Speed Triple for an MT-09. After 4 years of Triumph ownership I've come to realise that it's now just too big and heavy for the type of riding I like to do (A roads and twisty...