1. C

    A Mode

    I have had my 09 for over a year now and I am slowly getting it to a great bike, so far the suspension has been changed to Ohlin’s rear and Andreani front cartridges and all set up by FTR Suspension. H & M quick shifter, a great sounding Leo Vinci full exhaust, and Pirelli Supercorsa’s. The...
  2. S

    New member saying hi

    Hello folks, I'm Matt from Doncaster UK and at the moment I ride a Street Triple R, but it's not the most comfortable of things on longer rides and a recent 4 day weekend pointed out that it is pretty limited for carrying luggage or a pillion. Both together means the pillion wears a rucksack. I...
  3. fizzy

    Suspension /bike setup

    Just a quick post to let everyone up north that I have had my bike suspension and wheel alignment set up by Weardale Racing,I was going to go down the route of getting some new suspension for the MT but after talking to Ian he suggested setting the bike up for my weight and...
  4. R

    Suspension settings for longer trips with luggage

    Hi all. I have a Tracer with a topbox and sidecases. In a month I'll be driving a longer trip with the panniers fully loaded and with a passenger. So far I've tightended the front suspension preload and rebound a bit, and adjusted the rebound on the rear shock. The settings are nice enough now...
  5. T

    Suspension set up.

    Have read so many things about how bad suspension is on the 09,so took mine yesterday to mh racing to set it up for my weight.Will see how things go over next few weeks.
  6. T

    suspension settings for big person

    Hi. So i have spent a couple of Days surfing around various forums and threads about the setting on the mt-09. But i still have the same question and it may very well be beacause of my stupidity but here it goes: what should i set my front suspension to as i weigh 105 kg +gear, aprox 115...
  7. O

    What To Do Saturday

    Well that's that plan foiled, i was going to take a ride out to MCT Suspension tomorrow to have a look see & a chat about options for suspension on the Tracer, it appears that they don't open Saturdays so that's that, guess i'll have to find someplace else to go, can't waste riding time what...
  8. A

    What suspension settings are you using?

    My Tracer is currently at the factory suspension settings but sometimes i find it a bit hard and find it 'skips' over bumps. Do any of you guys find the same and what have you set you suspension to? I will try the factory 'soft' settings and see if that helps but to be honest i don't know a lot...
  9. P

    suspension Stock vs modified

    This might sound like a stupid question, but I read over and over again. People saying that when they sorted the suspension on these bikes that it was a "night and day difference" I haven't done mine yet. So I'd like to know in specifics what did a new suspension fix that was wrong with the...
  10. M

    the ohlins/adreani suspension kit review.....

    very nice.....
  11. derek28862


  12. C


    Hi guys and gals. Recently ordered myself a nice new MT and can't wait to get it. I've also booked it in for a suspension overhaul. Having a few bits taken off my FZ and put onto the MT.
  13. N

    Suspension Settings Advice Please!

    Hi everyone, just got my MT09 this week :D:D and working through it bit by bit. I am 5'7" tall and of slender build, 8.5 stones (call that a little more for my leathers :o ), female rider with over 25 years riding experience. The suspension is quite springy, particularly where I live,as there...
  14. derek28862

    new ohlins arrived today nice job for the weekend

    new suspension arrived today
  15. J

    Tracer - Maximum Load

    Hi Everyone, First post as an excited Tracer owner - today I purchased a new MT-09 Tracer (stoked!), but I need your help and advice..... In reading through the operating manual it advises the safe maximum load for the motorcycle including rider, pillion and gear is 180kg (397lbs or 28 stone)...
  16. TommyM

    Maxton Suspension assessment

    Hi guys, I just had a reply back from Maxton Suspension after asking them what they could do to improve the MT09 ( copied below ). Its an expensive option but i have used them before, the results are outstanding. Has anyone used them for the MT already or found a cheaper option? I think i've...
  17. Coopie

    Disc Pads

    So I fitted some Braking wavy discs about 10 days ago before the front suspension upgrade and got no noticable improvment . Then the suspension was done Friday last and the brakes can now be used so much harder . But Sunday I fitted SBS pads and the brakes are now eye popping . My God they are...
  18. B

    good bye mt 09 , hello tracer

    p/x the 13 month old mt 09 today .... next saturday , pick up a new race blu tracer , after a test ride on there demo this morning , while mine was having a annual service . just couldn't say no ...... i love my mt 09 , think it's great,,,,, but the tracer, what a difference , just so much...
  19. groundhog

    Tracer Suspension thoughts ?

    I am wondering what other Tracer owners think of the suspension? I have to say I find it a bit harsh. I come to the Tracer from my previous bike which was an XJR 1300 which was very soft by comparison so I realise I need allow for some difference. What I would like to do is soften things up a...
  20. RipGroove

    Stock suspension settings...

    I know this has been talked about a lot and there is already a lot of good info on the subject here on the forums but I found this today and I'm going to give it a try... Basically he weighs about 200lbs and has his suspension set to: Front Preload...