1. racing.mike

    Mosko pannier? SW-Motech?

    Hello…first post here, hope it is the correct forums :) just bought a MT-09 2022, very enjoyable machine :) would like to fit decent luggage on it did anyone put Mosko pannier on it? which rack did you use? is Givi TE2156 compatible? SW-Motech? Which one? any other alternative? would like...
  2. D

    Which quick release tankbag system?

    Which quick release tankbag system? Givi Tanklock Soft Bags, Cases, Hard Bags, Helmets, Motorbike Accessories - GIVI ... ure-06--12 or SW-Motech Quick-Lock Evo SW-MOTECH Shop - qualitativ hochwertiges Motorradzubehör ... /index.htm or SW-Motech Quick-Lock SW-MOTECH Shop - qualitativ...
  3. F

    Givi handguards

    Does anyone have these? Any opinions? They're half the price of the SW-Motech jobbies. GIVI HP2115 COPPIA PARAMANI PROTEZIONI IN ABS SPECIFICI YAMAHA MT-09 2013-2014 | eBay
  4. DevilsThorn

    SW-Motech Frame sliders measurements, directly from Sales Mgr :-)

    Guys, I had a really hard time to located the measurements (how far it stand out) for the SW-Motech Frame sliders. Twisted Throttle was a bit disappointing with their answer (back-order), so I went straight to the source to SW-Motech. And behold the great awesome Mr. Maier from Sales (supper...