1. G

    McCuise Criuse Control

    I am fitting the McCruise cruise control at this minute. I have opted for the patch to fit it with a FJR 1300 left handlebar switch unit. I have bought the McCruise kit and patch for £715 and the New 2016 FJR switch gear for £250. Unfortunately the plugs on the switch gear have been changed to...
  2. tundrah

    Crash reset

    After a slow speed wipe out on some ice last night the bike won't start. Everything turns on and display lights up as usual but when I press the ignition switch it just does nothing. Could it be the lean angle cut off switch? The engine case is grazed but nothing leaking. The exhaust tip is...
  3. N

    Sticking red engine start/stop switch.

    Has anyone tried removing from the bars the combined red engine start/stop switch as mine doesn't spring back following starting the engine ? I am sure it just needs cleaning and lubricating, but I am wary if I open the switch it's contents, springs etc. might fly out. I have tried WD40 down...
  4. T

    Fog lights - switch

    Hi , new here but lurked for a while. Having ridden it in the dark for the first time this morning, although the headlights are good, fog lamps would be a help especially for the many miles I do on unlit roads. Looking through this site it appears that the switch supplied with the oh so...
  5. Spook99

    Don't get AVDB-Moto levers

    Made my purchase for my first mod to my 2 week old Tracer of some short levers from Avdb-Moto. They are well made and looked good, but they're obviously made for the standard 09. The brake levers fine, but the clutch lever hits the front of the (larger than standard 09) switch box, before it...
  6. Mustangdude

    Flash to pass wiring

    I'm trying to wire my garage door remote control to the flash to pass switch. But the wiring isn't making sense to me. At the switch there are two wires, one is pink with a yellow trace & the other is white with a yellow trace. But at the other end at the plug behind the headlight the pink...