1. B

    Yamaha Soft Luggage and Rack system for Sale

    I have recently bought the side panniers and mounting system for my bike and used them once on a trip to Luxembourg, where they were excellent, easy to take on and off and you can detach the racks very easily when you don't need them. However I am planning a much longer trip of several weeks...
  2. B

    Which Exhaust system

    Hey all - first post! I'm moving from a 15 tracer 900 to a 17 MT09 this weekend. I have the Ti Akra that will be coming off the tracer, but I'm considering ebaying this and getting myself a new system. But whats best? I like the look of the Akra race carbon but its ££. I saw a video of...
  3. R

    Pro-race exhaust

    Hi All Just had a Pro-race exhaust system fitted ! This is the first mt09 tracer they have made . I asked if they could make a system with the extra loop like the Akrapovic system but keep the centre stand . It is stainless steel with a carbon can with removable baffle. I think they have made a...
  4. K

    Modified Standard Exhaust System.

    My effort at modifying the standard mt-09 exhaust system, incentive taken from Toastedblue's excellent effort on the Tracer Modified section. First off I bought a very low mileage system off eBay, for two reasons first off I wanted to keep my standard system intact, and secondly I wanted also...
  5. I

    New helmet

    Have just replaced my Shoei which was 6 years old for a Nolan N104 flip up. Also installed the n-com B5L system and was surprised how clear it is. I've used Scala before but this system is much more sophisticated. As well as linking 6 bikes (not necessarily using n-com) it has call conferencing...
  6. I

    More additions

    Some new additions to the bike. Front fender and rear hugger extensions and locking system for SAT NAV.
  7. J

    Akrapovic exhaust - 3 versions - differences

    I see there are three different version available for MT-09 at Yamaha webpage but what are the differences? Is it just a difference in power or do they sound different as well? Number 1 and 2 looks almost identical and number 3 got this carbon look at the top. 1. Full System with Titanium...
  8. C

    Akrapovic carbon

    Looks lovely but is it obnoxious with the baffle in? Any louder than the To system?
  9. Fulfilled-09

    SP Engineering Moto GP Extreme Full System in Stainless Steel

    I fitted this full system a few days ago, and can honestly say it's truly epic. It's a awesome bit of British hand-made kit. One-piece headers and link pipe section and a stubby end can of 200mm, plus the slant-cut end piece itself. The result is a very race-inspired system, which is seriously...
  10. N

    Newbie from Glasgow.

    Alright folks. Took delivery of my shiney new MT-09 yesterday (Race blu obviously) after debating whether to go for it. It has replaced my Ducati Scrambler which was my first big bike since passing my test last October. Performance difference is night and day, as is the engine fuelling...
  11. M

    For Sale - IXIL Hyperlow full system for MT-09 & Tracer (UK)

    Hi there, up for sale is the superb IXIL Hyperlow full exhaust system for the MT-09 and Tracer. It is made in brushed stainless throughout, with polished stainless twin-outlet pieces. The silencer has two removable baffles (one on each outlet, both baffles can be fitted, or only one fitted, or...
  12. D

    Gone a got myself a Motad exhaust :)

    So i went and did it. I have got myself a different exhaust for my MT. Now I had a Akra fitted before which was with the bike when i got it and even though it looked great but it did my right ear no favors. With the original baffle in it was too quiet and out it was far to loud for me on the...
  13. Fulfilled-09

    Spark Full System

    Has anyone got, or had any experience with the Spark full system exhaust on their bikes? Can't seem to find any reviews etc. R&G are the official UK distributor for them. They look great in my option, quality too: Bad Request (link does work)
  14. razz

    mt09 akrapovic systems question

    dudes , i have been looking at the 2 systems akra supply , am i correct in saying , the downpies are the same , the exhaust itself is the same , except for the end cap ? the lower level version has the end cap which is larger to house the baffle and the high level system , which has a smaller...
  15. L

    Carbon Akrapovic full system

    been messed about as is always the case when you try and buy stuff from idiots after a full carbon system will pay what it is worth when I view it. a new system is £550 so price appropriately
  16. T

    Akrapovic Titanium system

    Yamaha MT09 / Tracer Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust system Excellent condition except for a small scrape from a 'very tall speed hump' which can not be seen at all when fitted to the bike (see photo). Comes boxed with all fittings, removable baffle and instructions, cost £970. Done less than...
  17. C

    Akrapovic question.

    Hey folks, I have a question or two about the Akra system in regards the noise. I've just bought a brand new system and having read various owners say it's too loud minus the baffle and others saying they've modded the baffle to get a middle ground between out and in, so what's the general...
  18. K

    Fitting a Loobman oiling system

    Hey Guys, I haven't been able to find anything on where you would mount a Loobman Chain Oiling system to the Tracer. Have any of you done this?? If so, where have you found to be the optimal mounting position for the reservoir?? Thanks in advance, kimmie p.s I have been using a Loobman for...
  19. M

    IXIL Hyperlow System fitted to my Tracer !

    Eyup, after some research into exhaust systems for the Tracer, my criteria being a sensible price tag, good looks and crucially - the retention of the centre-stand, I've plumped for an IXIL full system. An Akrapovic "carbon race" system came fitted on my Tracer, and although I couldn't fault it...
  20. M

    IXIL Hyperlow fitted !

    Well, after some research into Tracer exhaust options which retain the centre stand, I've fitted an IXIL Hyperlow full system with twin exit pipes and I'm loving it !! It's a well made bit of kit, possibly not the absolute lightest as it's a substantial thing (although lighter than the original...