1. Bookerman

    How do all!

    New MT09 owner here. Joining the club tomorrow after owning a Fazer 600 for 10 years. Decided on a 2014 with 2200 miles on the clock and after a test run I can’t wait to own it. I imagine I’ll be on here pestering you all quite regularly :-)
  2. X

    Questions After Test Ride - Mainly Concerning 2-up Use.

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have a few questions for those of you who own the 900 Tracer, particularly those who take a passenger regularly. I test rode the Tracer yesterday along with the MT10. MT10 handled great and the power was awesome but the Tracer had me giggling the entire...
  3. A

    Need some input

    Hello everyone, new to the forum and soon to be new owner of a MT Live in south Africa :) For some reason these bikes aren't as much popular here as elsewhere in the world :rolleyes: Fz09/MT09 and the fj09/MT09 tracer I'm considering those 2, 0ne of them as my next bike. Have yet to test...
  4. andz

    2017 MT-09 seat....too short

    I did a search so apologies if this has been discussed. A few weeks ago I took the 2017 MT-09 for a test ride, with my wife on the back. We have been riding a 2004 FZ-6 since, well, 2004 and when we got back from the ride Mrs A said that she had crapped herself the whole ride because she felt...
  5. T

    What competition would you choose for a MT-09 comparative review?

    Hi, guys, My friends have a motorcycle media project, and they want to make a comparative review for a MT-09 (2017). They would really use some suggestions from Yamaha MT-09 fans. So, is there any specific competitor would you pick for such a test? Thanks in advance for your suggestions...
  6. G

    Newbie saying hello

    Hello all, I am in the process of looking at swapping out my Hayabusa for a an MT 09. I was just wondering how members have found ownership as I know the reviews are very good for most of the bike but there are issues with the slow speed snatchy throttle and the suspension being a little...
  7. EeeTea

    EeeTea's Tracer Blog

    So folks, as I have done on other forums, I thought I would share my Tracer news, views, modifications, for the edification/ridicule of others :cool: Feel free to do either - I am well balanced (chip on both shoulders) and can handle the compliments and elation of my fellow Tracerites... but...
  8. stevierst

    Blackpool newb

    Greetings guys, another sort of newbie here from sunny Blackpool. An Engineer by trade, but employed elsewhere for now. Not got an MT yet, but one is definitely in the pipeline. I've test ridden the MT09 three times now, the tracer 900 and 700, also the XSR900. The MT turns me into an absolute...
  9. K

    YBR125 to MT09

    Earlier this year, I decided to approach the bank of wife, about financing a new hobby. I'd set my heart on a catterham style kit car. Here's how the discussion went. Me: how's our savings looking? Wife: ok why? Me: I fancy treating myself to something Wife: what like Me: a kit car, like this...
  10. K

    MT-09 2013 Deep Armour

    Yamaha MT09 2013 Colour: Deep Armour Mileage 4700 No of Owners 2 (including me) I purchased this bike a couple of months ago, from a friend/the original owner. This bike was meant to be his forever bike, when he retired due to ill health in 2013. His wife pretty much gave him an open cheque...
  11. L

    Evening from Bristol

    Ello Have found myself to be the proud owner of a new MT09 Street Rally after 10yrs on a z750 and I'm rather excited! I was visiting a patient at home, saw this awesome bike in his neighbour's garden, discovered my bike dealer had one in stock, test ride a week later, purchased the day after...
  12. Russ Quinlan

    Hello fae Aberdeenshire

    Just joined, getting my Tracer delivered next week and really looking forward to it. I'm a auld faert been riding since 1969 and am 63 this year but the Tracer has woken up the hooligan ! Always ridden since passing my test in 69 and had loads of bikes but never a Yam until now. Also have a 98...
  13. jack591

    TBR s1r noise

    G'day all, So a few weeks back i got stopped and issued with an epa noise notice from a police officer. Yesterday in the mail i finally recieved the letter from the epa stating i must undertake a noise test from an approved testing station. I do still have my original exhaust which i can put on...
  14. S

    First Impressions

    Collected my MT09 on Wednesday, and went out for my first proper ride today Thought I'd give my impressions after 110 mile ride through the Yorkshire Dales Impressed with: 50+ mpg, but I was 'running in' (of sorts) and didnt put it into A mode Easier on my wrists after coming from a CBR600RR...
  15. G

    Test Ride

    Greetings all. Just joined the forum as in the market for another bike & the tracer is on my short list. Got a Tiger 800 at the mo' Had a test ride on a tracer yesterday and it has a lot of good points. Tried std & A modes and could feel the difference. Engine is very good & pulls more like an...
  16. J


    Have ordered a new mt09 in blazing orange abs but after talking to a mt owner this afternoon he said I must be mad coming from a cb500f to a 09 Any thing I should be worried about Did not kill my self on the test ride but did keep it in b mode
  17. bikergirl400


    Newbie here and I've just placed an order for a new Tracer!! Super excited however not available until May/June. Not sure how I'm going to hold out that long!! Test rode the bike on Monday and just loved it and a fab upgrade from my little VFR 400 I currently have. :)
  18. H

    Greetings all!

    Hi all, new MT09 owner here (well I will be after I've picked it up later today) . Trading in my XJR1300 for a Deep Armour MT with the Akrapovic exhaust (free with the current promotion). Test rode it last weekend and was instantly sold, looking forward to getting some miles in and hope to meet...
  19. B

    New Tracer owner

    Hi, Picked up my new Tracer yesterday and was looking for a related forum. Wasn't sure if 'Tracer' would be a dirty word here...seems that it isn't....which is nice. I had a test ride on an MT07 almost exactly a year ago when I passed my test. Loved the bike but wasn't sure enough of myself to...
  20. groundhog

    New member

    Hi everyone Just registered ! I am picking up my MT-09 Tracer first week in March and can't wait !! I currently ride an XJR 1300 which I love and will be sad to see go but once I test rode the MT I just had to have it. I've even given up the fags to pay for it ! Looking forward to picking your...