1. Russ Quinlan

    Chain and Sprocket Time

    Time to get the old chain and Sprockets off over Christmas, had a Stealth on my Blackbird for a while to time to do the same on the Tracer. Hopefully it all goes smoothly !!
  2. flying circus

    Fuel range ect

    Actually got to use my bike as the manufacturer intended and enjoyed every mile. I brimmed the tank and rode 193 miles, on refueling the bike took 17. 20 litres which equates to 52 mpg. I think I would have been pushing the bike to the garage at 205 miles. What warnings do you get that it is...
  3. Littlebruv


    Givi outback trekker top box and rack mount I have now fitted the Outback Trekker 42Ltr top box with the rack and mount as shown in the pictures, easy to assemble in not much time
  4. L

    New member - Bedford UK.

    Hi, Just ordered a 2017 MT-09 in blue from my local dealer. I'm fitting the Yamaha upper tail tidy, R+G crash bungs and a screen as soon as I get it home. Should have it in about 10 days, then it's time for me to run it in and get the first service out of the way before I head off for the TT.
  5. Soapy

    Filling Holes

    I was fitting a GIVI Rack to my 2014 MT-09 today. Whilst putting the bike back together I noticed that where the Indicators and Tail Tidy number plate light wiring goes through there are quite large holes. I'm in the NE of Scotland and it rains a lot! We all know useless the rear Hugger is for...
  6. S

    First run out this year .

    Decent forecast tomorrow so I am out on the tracer for the 1st time this year,maybe 150 miles enough to break me in.
  7. B

    Bike washing

    Just a bit of Fun. I wonder if he got the door closed in time
  8. R

    Good time to buy?

    Hi all, Still finding my way around the forum and so not sure if I'm found the best area to post this but the "Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09 Dealers & Pricing" area is under the "2014 Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09 Ownership" section ?? Anyway.... What would you say was a good cash price (no trade in) for a...
  9. O

    My first post on the forum

    I have just bought a Tracer and are currently waiting for parts for my mods,lowering the bike 30mm with Wilbers fully adjustable rear damper and progressive springs in front,engine guard from touratech when aviable..waiting for my bar riser from Billet to install this week. have installed the...
  10. I

    Hello from Dudley West Midland UK

    Hi all, Just joined as looking at change from my F800GS and thinking about Tracer. Test ride booked PM and British summer time is in full flow - torrential rain and wind ;-). Regards Ian:cool:
  11. D

    Hello from Sunny Sussex

    Hi all, Dr Dave newbie here. Last bike was a Multistrada 1200 with termis and ecu, Superduke before that. Bloody love my MT, reminds me of my old 350 LC (but obviously way better). The things fun, more than can be said about the multistrada. Seats an absolute killer though and it seems there is...
  12. jay86jay

    engine cut out

    brought my mt last year brand new. after about a month it kept cutting out. at first i put it down to my own in experience but it started to happen a lot when coming to a stop even if i was fully clutched in. i sent it back and a week later they still thought nothing was wrong with it and had...
  13. F

    Brake reservoir relocation

    I've decided to replace and relocate the rear brake fluid reservoir 'cos the original looks as ugly as sin IMHO :p Question is, can I mix Dot4 synthetic with the existing fluid (if there's owt left of it by the time I've finished re-plumbing!) and what works best (read: cheap and effective)...
  14. S

    Chain life question

    Hello all, I have 16000 km on the bike and i oil the chain regularly and adjust it from time to time. Few days ago i adjusted the tension again , and it seems that the chain have much more free play only after like 100 km of riding. Any suggestions ? When i know that it time to replace the chain?
  15. stevecbr

    Best sport touring tyre for MT09

    Evening, will need to replace the tyres soon. Currently running the S20's, I did try Bridgestone BT023's the other year, and they caused a massive speed wobble. I spoke to the Bridgestone technicians about it at the time, and their response was as they dont recommend it for the MT09, they took...
  16. Z

    Newby from London

    Hey all Long time visitor, first time poster! ... Though it was time i joined up and introduced myself. As the title says, Currently living in London, but plan to head back to Australia. I've a Yamaha Tracer, with puig sports screen, refurbished seat, removed hand guards (as its easier to...
  17. K

    long time no speak

    first time on in 7 months.anything changed
  18. D

    Hi from Aussie

    Greetings folks :) New member here from Australia. I purchased a Tracer as my latest daily rider - been riding for about 30 years, been through a few bikes in that time as you would expect.
  19. LewFZ1

    Guy Martin

    Spotted an open letter on Facebook yesterday. Guy Martin has said he will not ride the TT in 2016. Guy says he has had time to reflect while he was recovering from his accident at the 2015 UGP. He is wanting to do other stuff outside of road racing and has decided for now to take a time out...
  20. LewFZ1

    Come on lets have a bit of Banter

    Sorry I know I am a newbie but the forum could do with a few more threads being posted , be they about the bike or what you did or did not do, a few more jokes would not go amiss either. Okay I know my jokes are crap but come on folks dig deep. Some threads like word association Three words at a...