1. B

    Shad Rear carrier Rack For sale.

    Shad Rear carrier Rack For sale. Model NO: Shad YOMT95ST For 2015 -2016 only.NOT 2017 6 months old.As new. All Fitting and instructions. very Simple to Install. NOW SOLD NOTE.The Shad top plate is NOT included. This sale is for the 'arms'. When you buy your Shad top box it comes with the plate...
  2. L

    SW Motech Rear Rack

    Hi - just wondering if anyone has fitted an SW Motech rear rack - 2 side bars and top plate style - to their bike with a tail tidy ?? Trying to fit one but it seems that the bar hits the top of the tail tidy ... If anyone has could they tell me which tail tidy they have used please
  3. Littlebruv

    Top yolk protection

    Does anyone know if there is a cover for the top yolk to stop lose attachments to the ignition key from scratching the paint
  4. W

    A mouse ate my Tracer! (Well sort of...)

    On Friday, noticing that the bike was running lumpy at low revs with a very erratic idle, and unable to establish any obvious cause I took it off to my local Yamaha dealer to do the necessary. The diagnostics computer revealed nowt wrong so, as the guy said, "it's down to spanners and spotting...
  5. T

    2017 Tank Pad

    I'm looking to get a tank pad for my blue 2017 MT09. I don't want the pad to cover any of the graphic paintwork on the tank, so it would have to be quite narrow at the top. Anyone got something or seem something like this?
  6. B

    top box disaster

    Thought I'd share this link off You Tube. its about a guy here in England who was riding one day and his top box fell off. He admits it was a cheap imported one, but just in case I've put a bolt through the bottom of mine with a locking washer and wing nut. It...
  7. D

    Top box with tail tidy?

    Anyone fitted a Givi top box to their MT09? I've already got the M5 plate and box and was about to click 'buy' on the mounting kit when I realized I've taken the standard plate hanger and indicators off and fitted aftermarket parts. Am I likely to have any issues?
  8. Jetty

    Mirror tightening/adjustment...Really, I'm not backward...

    Hi - May sound a bit lame, but can anyone tell me how to tighten the top joint on an MT-09 mirror please? I don't want to force anything. I have removed the mirrors on numerous occasions through the lower joint by simply sliding the plastic cone up and out of the way. Does the top cone also...
  9. fizzy

    The mt has gone

    Hi Guys just a quick note to let you know I have just sold my bike, the forum has been a good place to find out information and help from the members in the 3 years of owning the bike I have really enjoyed it but it's time to move on and try something different, a big thanks to TT (Richie)...
  10. B

    Which bike should I buy, all three are Yamahas

    Hi, I'm in a quandary, a dealer is selling the 2016 MT 09 for about the same price as the MT 07 (£6234 OTR) and I am not sure which way to go? They are doing this because a new 2017 MT 09 is going on sale in December. I was unsure if I wanted an MT 07 or an MT 09 in the first place, now I don't...
  11. Jetty

    Evotech...Anyone had any problems...?

    Hi - Has anyone experienced any trouble at all with fitting the Evotech radiator cover please? Here's what's happening with me: The cover arrived warped in a springy way. I can flex it straight, then when released reverts to being warped. Not a problem I don't think. Then, having the Street...
  12. S

    Top box rack/plate anyone got one?

    Anyone got the top box rack/plate yamaha or any other? I pick my tracer up thursday and would like a top box for touring,don't fancy panniers plus i will be fitting a tail tidy,cheers.
  13. EeeTea

    Tracer dimensions with top box?

    Hi can anyone tell me, or be kind enough to measure their steed? I need to know the overall length with a top box (the bike I pick up a week from now will be fitted with a Shad 48)...its whether I can get it into my existing shed, or whether I need to think about some other arrangement for...
  14. N

    Wanted: MT09 - have a FZ1 Fazer 2009 to PX

    Hi All, I am after an MT09. I currently have a 2009 FZ1 Fazer, which ideally I would like to swap - I will of course put cash on top. It is in excellent condition, 18.5k miles. I am in Gloucester. Thanks, Nick
  15. Fluke

    Top bike sales and Fish & Chips in Bognor

    I'm not proud of subscribing to Visordown but occasionally interesting things pop up, like this little article. Top 10 European sellers It's a list of the top european bike sales and though most of them are scooters, a few bikes make the list including... Yep, you guessed it, our beloved MT09...
  16. C

    Hello from Bedford!

    I'm waiting for the delivery of my MT-09 Tracer, with Givi side cases and top box fitted. Part-exchanged my Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 for it.
  17. jay86jay


    I have squared off my rear tyre, being a new rider I have only the last few months started to really use the sides more, but with that and some good motorway mileage I am getting close to the limit on the top of the tyre ( after only 2600 mile) I have probably about 500 mile left on the tops so...
  18. L

    Which rack/top box?

    Need to get one to put bike chain (and g/f's make-up) in etc. What did you guys end up going for? Are there lots of MT-09 compatible racks available, or does one particular one come out on top?
  19. S

    Factory rear rack

    Just fitted my factory rear rack with the intention of fitting a universal mount and top box only to find yamaha says it is not designed to take a top box anybody using one with a box and any issues cheers.
  20. emptyoh9

    Rich/Si flash

    I have just got back home from getting my MT flashed by Simon. What can i say other than it's awesome. Best £200 i've spent on the bike so far, this is how the bike should have left the factory. It was a quick and painless process. I'm writing this as a complete novice in relation to ECU...