1. D

    MT-09 ABS vs Tracer Exhaust

    Would anyone know if a 2017 Tracer Exhaust will fit a 2017 MT-09 ABS. More specifically a LEOVINCE LV ONE EVO CARBON FIBER | FULL SYSTEM 3/1 - Part #: 14103E What would be the reason it might not work. could it be purely mounting points or could performance not be compatible? Many thanks in advance
  2. Russ Quinlan

    Chain and Sprocket Time

    Time to get the old chain and Sprockets off over Christmas, had a Stealth on my Blackbird for a while to time to do the same on the Tracer. Hopefully it all goes smoothly !!
  3. R

    09 Tracer. Radiator guard for sale.

    Stainless steel radiator guard for a 2016 Tracer 09. Say £20. Email me please. Robin. SOLD.
  4. JohnD

    Newbie from Down Under

    Just been able to post, so Hi. Red 15 Tracer.
  5. B

    new member

    Hello y'all new member from NorthEast UK with a 2016 red Tracer.
  6. M

    Fjr footpegs

    Hi all, does anyone know if FJR footpegs will fit the mt09 tracer?
  7. R

    MT09 Tracer ABS 2016

    Yamaha MT09 Tracer ABS 2016 6250 miles FSH Blue/Silver Yamaha Heated Grips Yamaha Aux Lights BSD Remap Quickshifter/Autoblipper ( Clutchless up and down gear changes ) Pro Race Exhaust/Headers Original Decat Exhaust fitted Reworked Front Forks by MCT ( re sprung oil change an internal trickery)...
  8. Flobalob

    Water pump disaster

    Can anyone tell me of a breaker/breakers that do tracer parts i was changing the oil filter on my Tracer and damaged part of the aluminium water pump assembly next to it with a screw driver because its part of a whole assembly Yamaha want £532.00!!!!!! Any useful answers would be appreciated as...
  9. W

    Condensation 2017 Tracer 900

    Hi all Now the salt's mostly gone I've rescued my Lovely Tracer 900 from under it's breathable cover and gone for a blast,( my poor winter bike will be getting a rest!) Moisture was running down the led display and when I tried to wipe it off I realised it was on the inside! Has anyone else...
  10. R

    Whats it worth

    Hi All I am thinking of selling my mt09 tracer ,I would appreciate your thoughts on price .It has been heavily modified I know I could remove the extras but I would like to move it on as it is. Yamaha mt09 tracer Registered 03/06/16 6147 miles Silver/blue Last serviced 2473( was 6000 mile...
  11. R

    Fork cartridges and rear shock

    Fork cartridges and rear shock - £75 incl. carriage Pair of fork cartridges from a 2015 Tracer 900 (to enable a second rebound damper cartridge to be fitted) - £35 including UK mainland carriage. Tracer 900 rear shock (1000 miles) - £35 including UK mainland carriage. £65 for both including...
  12. Toppie

    Replacing OEM chain adjusters MT-09 Tracer

    I've replaced the Monkey-Metal OEM chain adjusting blocks on my Tracer. Much easier to use! See link below........... Motorcycle Drive Chain Adjuster.wmv - Google Drive
  13. J

    Handlebar risers

    Hi guy's n gala, I've got a 16plate tracer BUT I'm no spring chicken and I've bother with arthritis in my elbows and the riding position of the tracer is kinda putting pressure on my arms, so I've been thinking of putting risers on the bars to try and sit me up a bit more, all the risers seem...
  14. Littlebruv


    Hi all Anyone fitted either the V or E system to an MT-09 / Tracer yet ?, if so where as the reservoir been fitted on your particular model
  15. M

    Fitting Givi Engine Bars

    Hi, I have bought some second hand Givi Engine bars from someone who had an MT-09 Tracer but sold it and kept the engine bars. I have the Givi instructions, but as usuall they are pretty minimalistic! Can anyone who has fitted the engine protection bars give me a description of what to do to...
  16. Gruffalo

    New 2018 Tracer 900

    They will be releasing the new Tracer 900 next year, with a few upgrades. Official: Yamaha Tracer 900 and Tracer 900GT | EICMA 2017
  17. Q

    ixil twin hyperflow XL full system

    Sadly had to sell the bike as needed some new teeth and still have the exhaust to sell on, It was only on the bike for a month before i sold it and it transforms the sound, both baffles are removable but i found with both in was still beautiful, the small scrape on the bottom is from a curb...
  18. M

    Yamaha MT 09 Tracer radiator guards?

    Hello all, cheers from London. Im looking a yamaha tracer radiator guards.Im interested lovely this model YAMAHA-MT-09-TRACER-RADIATOR-GUARDS MT 09 radiator guards | eBay How do you think?
  19. L

    New menber

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member so hope I'm doing this right ! Nice to be on here ! I currently own a 2015 MT-09 Tracer and due to a local deal am being offered a really good trade in deal now for a 2018 registered Tracer 900 when available in the new year! Is there any news anywhere...
  20. W

    Tanklock bags

    :D Hi everyone Just kitting out my new Tracer with Givi V47 top box and touring screen, which works really well, not sure about the looks! On the lookout for Givi PLXR2122 pannier frames and V35 panniers if anyone has some surplus to requirements. Has anybody any recommendations on Tank bags? I...