1. M

    New MT09 owner checking in

    Hi all, I bought a 2016 MT09 just over a month ago. I was originally considering a new z900 or a 765 street triple R, but this MT09 popped up at a steal of a deal. 5k miles, r and g tail tidy and rear bobbins. Otherwise standard. It needs an exhaust system, the stocker is far too quiet! My...
  2. Cavetroll87

    A quick hello and introduction.

    Hey Guys and Gals, Just thought I would drop in and say hello, A little background on me, I live in SE England and have been riding for approx. 7 years. I started out my biking career on 600cc sportsbikes of various makes and ages until I got hold of a 2006 ZX6R which I fell in love with! I...
  3. S

    2nd bike choice?

    I've decided to get myself another bike something that's a laugh I've looked at Hondas crf250l off road abilty cheap to run but expensive to buy not much power,I also fancy ccm644 dual sport with the Suzuki engine anyone got one? I would like another street triple early round head lights model...
  4. loneranger

    New MT09 2017

    I sold my 2015 last year and thinking of buying the new 2017 version in black. Anyone bought one yet? Any difference in ride quality and build. I founfd my last one started to rust after about 6 months . or shall i buy a second hand speed triple for £8k
  5. S

    New triumph street triple

    What do you think to the new street triple and is anyone tempted?.
  6. Z

    Defection from a Street Triple R tomorrow

    As per the title, tomorrow I trade in my Street Triple R for a 2015 MT-09. So a chilly one hour ride up to London in the morning. But looking forward to getting back on something which, I hope, is more reliable that a Triumph.
  7. S

    Newbie Ayrshire Scotland

    Hey folks, had my 2014 MT09 for a couple of months now. Loving it, quick, chuckable and wheelieable, plus love the noise of a triple with a full Akra ? Came hunting for info on ECU reflash...?
  8. Jetty

    ECU Flashing.

    Hi all - Having followed the recommendations on here, and in particular from TRIPLE TROUBLE, I feel I must further promote the ECU flashing services that he pushes on here. Last week, within 10 days of buying my '15 MT-09 Street Rally, I was booked in and on a 6 hour round trip to Berkshire for...
  9. Longhair21

    Bye Bye all

    Hi all It has been fun but after nearly 3 years it's time for a change. I still think the MT09 is a cracking machine and probably the best value for money bike on the market at the moment. Ok it had a couple of minor issues but these were overstated by certain members of the motorcycle press...
  10. E

    Another Aussie!

    G'day all! Have just picked up a MY14 MT-09. Came with a bit of touring gear like cargo rack, big windshield and hand guards. Have take it all off already and also added a full titanium/carbon Akro exhaust system so I can hear that triple. A lot of useful information has been noted from this...
  11. J

    Potential new owner maybe !(Scotland)

    In the market for new bike for next year and the MT09 engined models have got my interest so I've joined the forum to gather first hand experiences etc I currently run an XJR1300, Victory Hammer and a few classic Kawasakis. I've owned modern Triumphs in the past and do like a triple hence the...
  12. C


    Hi guys, just joined as I bought a new mt09 last week, so far loving it with a 1000 clicks knocked up in the first week. Not able to really crack it on yet but so far loving the triple torque. Not many here in HK as they don't like big bikes, no problem more for me :-)
  13. P

    Newbie to forum

    Hi all I've have just moved to my MT09 Tracer from a Street Triple R. I loved my Street Triple but was just too limited for some of the longer weekends I do. I love the Tracer and I'm trying very hard to move up through the miles so I can have a bit more fun over the summer months ;) Cheers...
  14. K


    OLA AMIGOS.newbie from Lancashire thanks for the ad triple trouble
  15. colinlinz

    Hi from Brisbane

    Hi everyone, Just a quick post to introduce myself. I'm a recent MT-09 owner (nearly a week now). I'm still running it in, so I haven't really been able to experience its potential yet, but so far I like it. It is a little different to my past bikes, they have all been sports type bikes. My...
  16. stevecbr

    New Kawasaki on way!

    As title says, new kawasaki is on the way, but only rumours of what it will be See link for details, but they are suggesting, triple, 2 stroke or supercharger (maybe even all 3!) Kawasaki promise