1. Gruffalo

    Pilot road 5, michelins new touring tyre.

    saw this on michelin's facebook site, they will be bringing out the Pilot road 5 (didn't see a date though). Now let's see how I can extend the life of the OEM tyre (until these come out). Michelin used to be the best tyre in the wet, I've ridden on the Pilot road, PR2, PR3 & PR4 and...
  2. Hexme

    Service Stuff

    Just a couple of questions as I don't have the bike or manual yet. I take it tyre pressure are the usual 36f/42r? Oil 10/40 semi synthetic? cheers guys.
  3. A

    Rear tyre profile and abs

    Hi all if I increase the rear tyre profile to 55 is it likely it cause me problems with the abs or TC as the circumference of the tyre would be bigger ? Thanks daryl
  4. Jetty

    How about this for a stroke of luck...

    I rode down to the MotoGP in Misano, mostly alone and off-piste at the beginning of September. On my casual way back, sticking to an alpine route and country D roads of France, I paused in Auxerre for a reasonable lunch...then set off on my way past Sens and Saint Clement on the D606 when I felt...
  5. LewFZ1

    90 degree tyre valves

    As soon as I get a new bike at the first tyre change I always have alloy 90 deg valves fitted. If you have never had them strongly recommend that you get them. Just makes life so much easier when testing and inflating the tyres.
  6. B

    190/50 section rear tyre

    I happen to have a new 190/50 Dunlop Roadsmart 2, which I got for another bike that I've since got rid of, and I was wondering if it might fit the MT-09. Looking at the OEM Dunlop 214 180/55 rear tyre there doesn't seem to be a lot of clearance to fit a wider one, so initially I thought...
  7. C

    Why is it..

    ..that punctures never happen on worn out tyres? Just 200 miles on the bike and a flat rear tyre. Bugger. That's £100 I could have done without spending. Still, back on the road now. Having the billet chain adjusters fitted made changing the rear wheel much easier.
  8. T

    Byebye Dunlops....

    So after taking my temporarily repaired tyre (thankyou Mr 2 inch nail!) to get a permanent fix, I was advised that the wear on my stock tyres (Dunlop D214s) was more or less at the tread line and would likely be illegal in a few hundred miles.. so I took it to originally just replace that tyre...
  9. Locksmith

    Just a heads up for ya

    When replacing your front wheel on your ABS MT after its been away for a new tyre fitted: DO NOT think you have lost a wheel spacer. DO NOT rush indoors, fire up the laptop to look at the NON ABS wheel diagram. (It has two spacers). DO NOT go back out to the garage swearing and waste half an...
  10. R6owdlad

    Raceways Fleetwood

    Just have to say what a great bunch of folk these are. Have no connection with them but have been in for service, warranty work and new tyre recently- didn't buy the bike off them but I'm sure you won't find a friendlier dealership in Lancashire.... Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them
  11. stevecbr

    Best sport touring tyre for MT09

    Evening, will need to replace the tyres soon. Currently running the S20's, I did try Bridgestone BT023's the other year, and they caused a massive speed wobble. I spoke to the Bridgestone technicians about it at the time, and their response was as they dont recommend it for the MT09, they took...
  12. P

    Dunlop rear

    Hi, I'm looking for a Dunlop rear tyre as mine is worn but the front is still ok. I know some of you took them off as you didn't get on with them, but I'm skint due to a spell out of work so will put up with them for a little longer if I can find a barely worn tyre. So whats in your garage...
  13. jay86jay


    I have squared off my rear tyre, being a new rider I have only the last few months started to really use the sides more, but with that and some good motorway mileage I am getting close to the limit on the top of the tyre ( after only 2600 mile) I have probably about 500 mile left on the tops so...
  14. S

    Mods so far!

    Optimate lead, panniers,Liners, Topbox & liner & plate with one key for all, spotlights, front and rear axle crash bobbins, R&G barr sliders, R&G mid engine crash bungs, lower Yamaha case protectors, Akrapoic full system, SW radiator guard, heated grips, grip puppies, tall screen, custom...
  15. Bobbydazzler

    Hi guys, i love my mt-09!

    done 6500miles so far, smiling all the way! On my 4th back tyre! What a machine:)
  16. A

    Tyre trouble!

    I'm using the OE bridgestone s20's on my MT. After around 1800 miles the rear was shredded on the edges and almost to the threads in the middle. After putting another s20 on and putting the bouncy rear shock as stiff as possible the new tyre has only lasted around 900 miles. Would a decent shock...
  17. stevecbr

    cost of ownership

    being a saddo with to much time on my hands, just worked that it costs as much in fuel as it does in tyre wear to run the MT! I have used the Bridgestone S20 as the tyres, at £240 a pair and they last 2500 miles =9.6p a mile Petrol at £6 a gallon, and my MT does about 55mpg =10p a mile...
  18. B

    tyre pressures

    try letting some air out your rear tyre , as advised by jhs racing , i'm now running 36 psi front & rear . & now it feels a lot better , jhs also tweeked the suspension , now it's spot on !