1. RTV

    DRL + Indicators ??

    Hi Folks, Since we live in a digital and LED era, I was wondering if there was any options to upgrade the stock ugly indicator/turn signal with something that will act as both turn signal and Day Running Light? So far, I've only seen the option from Rizoma but they're about 80 bucks PER...
  2. M

    Suspension options UK

    Hey, I have spent the last couple of weeks investigating suspension options for our bikes, mine is a 2016 MT09. pricing seems to have changed a lot since most of the threads were made so I thought I would update my current findings as of this week. So, I contacted a few different suppliers...
  3. Jetty

    Headlight unit for 2015 model MT-09.

    Hi - Am after a whole headlight unit for a '15 model, if any one has one... I don't like to look of the Chinese ones on Ebay! :/
  4. scotscoot09

    Help required.

    Hi guys. Looking to try and source a couple of items. I need a complete standard exhaust system, figures some of you guys have changed to aftermarket systems , would you be interested in parting with yer old bits. Also need a standard tail unit. Probe the first thing most guys change on...
  5. TommyM

    Maxton Suspension assessment

    Hi guys, I just had a reply back from Maxton Suspension after asking them what they could do to improve the MT09 ( copied below ). Its an expensive option but i have used them before, the results are outstanding. Has anyone used them for the MT already or found a cheaper option? I think i've...
  6. D

    Puig Tour or Sport fly screen?

    Is there much difference in wind reduction on your chest from the 2 designs?. Also, how far does the tour screen rise above the display unit? Oh and I assume that the 13-14 screens fit the 2015 model.
  7. F

    WANTED stock right hand fork cartridge

    Anyone fitted aftermarket cartridges? Want to sell the OE unit?