1. Bookerman

    Spark plug change

    Hi all. Anybody changed the plugs on their bike themselves? Seems a bit of pain to do by taking the tank off method. However just seen some comments on a youtube video which questioned the amount of work involved when you can simply undo 2 radiator bolts, unplug the fan and hey presto the...
  2. Toppie

    Frame Sliders

    Frame Sliders fitted to Tracer. 30 minute job condensed into 3 minute video. MT-09 Tracer Frame Sliders.wmv - Google Drive
  3. V

    new MT09 2017 video Intermot

    for some reason I like it, even the front LOL Should have kept the front indicators higher though on 2017 indicators seem placed very awkward.
  4. donut

    A TT 2016 video

    One of the on board videos that I took this year.
  5. donut

    MT07 vs MT09 short video

    For those that are interested, here's a short video to show the difference in speed between my MT-07 and an MT-09
  6. RipGroove

    SBK Factory - Pikes Peak - Video Docummentry (YouTube)

  7. motorcycleboy

    Greeks on XT550 in the streets of Athens...

    As a former owner of 3 XT600s i proudly presents you a video for the 33 years old XT550 that are still "in duty":cool:
  8. fizzy

    mt09 turbo video

    Yamaha MT-09 Turbo Kit. Streetfighter, cafe racer and custom motorcycle parts and accessories Mental !
  9. E

    MT 09 with AKRAPOVIC racing line (:

    Hey every one... Tell me what you think about my video (;
  10. E

    MT 09 with Akrapovic racing line (:

    Hey everyone.. Tell me what you think about my video (:
  11. stevecbr

    MT09 stunt video

    I dont think its been posted on here yet, but excellent stunt video of MT-09, good drifting, and they have fitted spuddy tyres too
  12. M

    roadtax from october 14

    i was just trying to find out more about the change in road tax after october as the bastards have done enough snidy moves already. i found this video online but it seems to be spoken in norwegian............ can anyone translate it??? :rolleyes...