1. Flobalob

    Water pump disaster

    Can anyone tell me of a breaker/breakers that do tracer parts i was changing the oil filter on my Tracer and damaged part of the aluminium water pump assembly next to it with a screw driver because its part of a whole assembly Yamaha want £532.00!!!!!! Any useful answers would be appreciated as...
  2. stevecbr

    Yamalube silicone spray

    Anyone here use Yamalube silicone spray? or a generic silicone spray? At my last service in November, mt dealer covered my bike in this, so the frame,plastics and matt grey tank looked really good. 3 months later any many washes, it still looks good, and seems to repel the dirt and water (still...
  3. B

    No Throttle Response on Start-up

    A while ago I got the bike out in the morning and started it up (which it did fine), but then when I opened the throttle it just sat at tickover. So I did what anyone who's worked with computers would do - turned it off and then on again. Success - phew! It hasn't done it since. The only...
  4. M

    Water leak for breath!

    After a trip to get home saw a water pigos trail and look at the bike was leaking sigh and to my surprise the water was cold! Would anyone know what might have happened?
  5. P


    Hey all, so what is the deal on panniers? Is everyone going for the Yamaha ones or has anyone gone aftermarket? I am looking at the Hepco and Becker Journey panniers, 42 litres per side and lockable and water resistant but am a little worried about size and subframe issues. Anyone have...
  6. stevecbr

    Hover Bike

    Company trying to secure funding for a hover bike. Link to site here, but looks like it would be great, with a bonus you could fly over water! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1524806320/hoverbike