1. Gruffalo

    12V hardwiring for GPS

    I will be wiring up my GPS on my 09 Tracer sometime soon and was wondering how other people have done this. Is there an ideal tap off point on the Tracer? I can of course connect it directly to the battery but I was wondering if there were any convenient auxillary connections (maybe wired...
  2. P

    MT 09 2017 Fueling issues?

    Just got my new MT 09 last Saturday and am wondering if anybody else is having fuelling issues between 2500 & 4000 rpm. Basically it feels like you are about to run out of petrol with a push/pull effect? On checking the owners manual it recommends premium unleaded or E10 and I'm wondering if it...
  3. G

    Low seat for Tracer

    Hi. Anyone out there can give me any info about the low seat for the Tracer. I have the standard seat on the low setting but because I'm only 5-6 I find it awkward on uneven ground. Yamaha do a low seat and I was wondering what people think and if it is worth it or there are better options out...
  4. Hexme

    2017 Colours

    I know that colours are very subjective to the individual, but was wondering what others thought about the green?
  5. T

    Over or Yoshimura

    I want to modify my MT-09 exhaust. I'm wondering if I should buy over or yoshimura. Which recommend?
  6. Y

    lift stands

    I've been looking at paddock stands for general cleaning/maintenance and found the Constand centre lift one, they look like a great idea but was wondering if anyone had one? Or if anyone has a different one, what-ya-got and is it any good? Constand: Motorbike Central Stand Paddock Lift...
  7. TommyM

    Yamaha Heated Grips Question

    Has anyone fitted the OEM grip heaters to the standard MT09? I like the integrated switch thingy but was wondering how much thicker they are and how grippy the rubber is? Thanks all
  8. razz

    how many miles ya done

    so then chaps , as i wait the arrival of the MT , i be a wondering what mileage you long term keepers have made it to so far ? please ady
  9. T

    Fitting LED indicators

    Hi I am thinking of buying the Yamaha LED indicator set for my Tracer - I am wondering if they are easy to fit yourself or is it a dealer thing?
  10. G

    Waterproofing panniers

    Hello, has anyone tried to waterproof the Yamaha panniers, was thinking if trying either the nikwax spray or Fabsil which is more used on camping equipment, was wondering if anyone had any experience and what results they had. Thanks
  11. bikergirl400


    Upon acceleration for instance, dropping a gear or two and then feeding the throttle but not anywhere near maxing it out I'm finding the bike has a little wobble at speed. Don't get me wrong, I find it quite exciting but wondering why?! I'm probably 9.5 stone, is it the front getting light or...
  12. Yam MT 09

    abba stand

    hi all , anybody using the abba superbike stand ? used one on the MT 07 but had to take side plates off first , just wondering if you need to remove anything off the MT 09 too , cheers
  13. groundhog

    Tracer section ?

    Not sure who I am asking or if I'm in the right section as I don't know much about forums, but I was just wondering if there could be a separate Tracer section ?
  14. M

    MT 09 Exhaust?

    Hi guys. I pick up my new MT 09 next week. I want to put an Exhaust on it first and just wondering which one to go for ? All feed back would help heaps. Cheers.
  15. marksim

    Wavey Disc manufactures

    Does anybody know of engineering firms that make wavey discs. I know of Braking and Gaffer but dont really want to pay their prices. was wondering if its possible to keep your own rotors and just get some wavey outer discs fit to them?
  16. marksim

    Aftermarket Indicators

    Was just wondering if anybody had fit some different indicators and if so which ones.
  17. F

    Arrow slip-on help

    I was wondering if anyone had bought the arrow exhaust but only the slip on, not the full system. I was wondering how you would install it, would it be the same as the M4?
  18. C

    Who,s not had yamaha flash and if not why

    I'm still sitting on the fence, wondering who else is.
  19. Locksmith

    Mt up on bricks!

    Well not bricks but off the floor on the abba stand! Took the forks off and have noticed going from lock to lock there seems to be a lot of resistance in cables and things. I'm wondering if everything is a bit too short, not just the headlamp wire.
  20. B

    air filters for mt09

    has anyone dabbled with aftermarket stuff yet? the usual suspects of K&N and co don't have one so I was wondering if there are any gains to be had at all?