1. T

    my old bike

    Just to put the record straight on the mt09 thats on gumtree the one with the race bodywork on, its my old trackday bike and was used on around ten trackdays not just one as he has stated and got respectable times and was sold due to me starting enduro again, nothing wrong with it handles and...
  2. K

    logging in problem?

    Anyone else having trouble logging in, when I tried the name and password boxes would drop down and not work, I had to log in via facebook? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. P

    Is something wrong with my seat? Clicking and gap

    Hi folks, I have my seat on the high setting (still not high enough, but thats for another post). I feel like I must have done something wrong. There's a gap between the front seat and the rear, and the back of the rider seat bends down and clicks when I put weight on it. It's as though there...
  4. relz

    Busted Engine

    I was taking my bike out for a spin, a couple of days ago, when suddenly there was a strange grinding :eek: sound and the engine cut off. Immediately I pulled over with the bike is steaming up from burned oil, which leaked over the hot exhaust pipes. I had no idea what went wrong, and where...
  5. S


    Hi all I have had my tracer for just 18months and love the bike. I have noticed rust on the bracket that hold the screen and headlamp adjusters. Also rust on the bracket that holds the rear brake fluid pot and bracket that holds the number plate. Am I doing something wrong? Is anybody else...
  6. LewFZ1

    Galleries , what am I doing wrong

    Okay, I am an Idiot. I have managed to upload 8 photos from a ride out I did today. Now if I click on my profile I can see them there. So how do I get them from there into members gallery?
  7. P

    suspension Stock vs modified

    This might sound like a stupid question, but I read over and over again. People saying that when they sorted the suspension on these bikes that it was a "night and day difference" I haven't done mine yet. So I'd like to know in specifics what did a new suspension fix that was wrong with the...
  8. M

    am I right to assume that headers are not suppoused be so blue (almost black) ?

    where they connect to engine? what could be wrong? The bike is mapped, so shouldnt run lean/rich. thank you
  9. M

    Front tire "chicken stripes"

    They are almost gone on my rear tire, but the front one are still huge. Is it because of wrong suspension setup? thank you
  10. M

    Thumb on my right hand hurts after long driving

    what am I doing wrong?