1. W

    I thinks it's officially dead...

    This place sure does suck considering it's "The largest Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09 Forum on the Internet!."
  2. B

    Yamaha Soft Luggage and Rack system for Sale

    I have recently bought the side panniers and mounting system for my bike and used them once on a trip to Luxembourg, where they were excellent, easy to take on and off and you can detach the racks very easily when you don't need them. However I am planning a much longer trip of several weeks...
  3. Toppie

    Yamaha aftermarket luggage

    I have a set of OEM Yamaha luggage. It's that semi-hard case option that look nice but is next to useless for me. Does anyone know if there's any of those aluminium square box type options that'll fit on the Yamaha OEM brackets?
  4. R

    MT09 Tracer ABS 2016

    Yamaha MT09 Tracer ABS 2016 6250 miles FSH Blue/Silver Yamaha Heated Grips Yamaha Aux Lights BSD Remap Quickshifter/Autoblipper ( Clutchless up and down gear changes ) Pro Race Exhaust/Headers Original Decat Exhaust fitted Reworked Front Forks by MCT ( re sprung oil change an internal trickery)...
  5. R

    Whats it worth

    Hi All I am thinking of selling my mt09 tracer ,I would appreciate your thoughts on price .It has been heavily modified I know I could remove the extras but I would like to move it on as it is. Yamaha mt09 tracer Registered 03/06/16 6147 miles Silver/blue Last serviced 2473( was 6000 mile...
  6. B

    2017 MT09 - Black +extras

    Selling my MT09 for the right price 3500 miles - but still in use so will rise Fantastic condition - some marks on the footplates from use, but that is it. First service done at Yamaha dealer Akrapovic TI exhaust (standard one available also) Yamaha Tank Bags - Small sport one and medium...
  7. Gruffalo

    Are 3 wheels better than 2?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERpQ6_NQGPM The new Yamaha 3 wheeler The only way I can see this catching on is if you can ride it without a bike license.
  8. M

    Yamaha MT 09 Tracer radiator guards?

    Hello all, cheers from London. Im looking a yamaha tracer radiator guards.Im interested lovely this model YAMAHA-MT-09-TRACER-RADIATOR-GUARDS MT 09 radiator guards | eBay How do you think?
  9. M

    Led-plus blinkers with Yamaha saddlebags

    Hello from Helsinki, Finland! I bought MT09 and wanted to have some bags. In local shop I saw last year's model equipped with Yamaha soft bags. They didn't fit straight, some modification was needed. Blinkers had to be fixed bit more narrow, they did it in store, I'm really happy with the result.
  10. S

    2014 MT09 in Grey with a host of extras

    Having bought a new bike I am now selling my Grey 2014 MT09. One elderly previous owner and MOT until May 2018. The bike is in mint condition having covered just 5275 miles and has over £4k in accessories/extras fitted. These include: Titanium Akropovic exhaust. Maxton suspension front and...
  11. gotoGaz

    Movement in front end when slowing down/stopping.

    Hi, I'm on my 6th Yamaha ;) I love them. Decided to get rid of my MT 07 and get the MT 09 Tracer. I've had it a good few months but recently I've noticed when slowing down and coming to a stop the front end becomes wobbly and as you come to a stop it feels like the handlebars are tilting...
  12. Ronnie

    Ronnies Yamaha MT 09 in the Superbike class

    Hi, I thought I would post some pics from down under. Racing the Yamaha MT-09 in the Superbike class at Ruapuna, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  13. Q

    a quick luggage question

    Hi all just taken delivery of my nearly new 2017 tracer and it has the yamaha luggage on it , and i really want a givi top box so my girlfrienf will feel more comfortable , My question is can i put the tracer givi rack thing on with the yamaha luggage fitted ? Thanks Adam
  14. paulb3375

    Spotlights (show us yours)

    So what have people got? Thinking of getting some cheap spots from ebay China. Anyone else been down this route? Would be interested to hear of your experiences. In particular, how are you mounting them? Some are off a bracket mounted under the headlight it would seem, Yamaha / Cosmo /...
  15. Jetty

    Genuine Yamaha soft panniers AND luggage rack...

    Hi - I have for sale a pair of genuine Yamaha soft panniers(and bars) with a genuine Yamaha luggage rack. £160 including postage to anywhere within the UK mainland. Photos on request as I don't think my dumb arse MacBook lets me post them... Thanks. :)
  16. D

    MT-09 Bar end weights (genuine Yamaha)

    Genuine Yamaha MT-09 bar end weights... used on my Tracer to do away with hand guards. Much better at higher speeds. Cost £19 each sell for £18 for both inc postage.
  17. O

    Remap Mt09

    Hy lads. I know this has been covered on here so many times but would just like to add my experience. when I bought the bike from Motts of Basingstoke I had the Yamaha remap put in found not much difference rearly. then went to the Kevex co controller and found it did improve it and made the...
  18. P

    Letter to Yamaha HQ and no reply...

    To date, I have had no reply from Yamaha HQ which smacks of poor customer relations to say the least. Dealership details withheld to protect the innocent (maybe!). 23 May 2017 Yamaha MT 09 – XXL17 XXX Dealer – XXXX......... Dear Yamaha UK, I purchased a new MT 09 on 06 May 17. It has just...
  19. N

    Uncomfortable MT0-9 Standard Seat.

    Has anyone found a solution to the uncomfortable standard MT0-9 seat (2015 model), I get bum ache after only 50 miles max. I have spoken to my Yamaha dealer and they agree the comfort seat sold by Yamaha is no better than the standard seat and is a waste of over £200.
  20. bikeral

    Tracer GT

    So then the guys at Yamaha have now registered "Tracer GT" as a trademark so what do we reckon could be on the horizon? Could it be a bigger MT using the same engine from the 10 but with a larger tank or a full on tourer using the 09 engine...... Source: motorcycle.com