1. T

    MT09Tracer 2017 model, 1300 miles

    Yeah, I'm not loving it, its a great bike for sure, and is a 2017 model in Forest Green with all the options, ABS / throttle maps and the like, it just doesn't "involve" me. Clearly, at this mileage, like new, all the bugs get washed off after ever ride and the like, 1st service done at 550...
  2. paulb3375

    Let the farkling commence .....

    New to me MT 09 Tracer currently doing the rounds in the Peaks and Dales of Yorkshire. Loving it at the moment, already got a list of bolt on bits to acquire, starting with a new screen I think. Will no doubt be picking the brains of current owners for help and advice in the future.
  3. K

    newbie from Yorkshire

    Is there any one here? posted a welcome but it's gone? Well it seems to be working now, I bought a new 2017 ABS MT09 a week ago, done 400 miles on it and liking it a lot, it's the replacement for the FZ6N that I bought new in 2006 and wrote off in Feb. 2016, fractured my shoulder blade and...
  4. K

    newbie from Yorkshire

    Hi, got my 2017abs new last Friday so had it a week now, it's a replacement for my 2006 FZ6N that was written off 18 months ago. Been riding the 01 since then, took a bit of doing to start with as I fractured my shoulder blade and a finger in the crash. Just about back up to speed now? I live...
  5. E

    Hello from UK _ West Yorkshire

    Hello, had my 09 since July done 2800 miles on it up to press, I'm very impressed so far