2017 MT-09 seat....too short


I did a search so apologies if this has been discussed.

A few weeks ago I took the 2017 MT-09 for a test ride, with my wife on the back.

We have been riding a 2004 FZ-6 since, well, 2004 and when we got back from the ride Mrs A said that she had crapped herself the whole ride because she felt she was going to fall off the back.

If I had bought the bike I would have fitted a Givi rack so there would be a box behind her but apart from that I didn't like the complete lack of anything in front of the speedo, so when I actually get a test ride on a Tracer (this weekend) that should be the one to choose.

Anyone else ride this bike 2 up and had the passenger feeling nervous? It looks great though.


Sorry, don't do passengers.

But you're right, the seat is quite short. When I fasten my Kriega bag onto the passenger seat there's only just enough room for me, pushed up against the tank.


Hi [MENTION=2636]andz[/MENTION], good to see you here :) (Cloggy from the other forum), I'm presently looking at the MT-09 as a replacement for my FZ-6 (got a test ride on Thursday) Well my Mrs doesn't like riding so this is not a deal breaker for me, but it might be an issue with my buddy bag.
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Had an 2005 FZ6N before the MT09 and agree the pillion comfort is nowhere near as good, and also the FZ had grab handles.
I had a screen on the FZ6 and also one on my MT, cant say i really noticed any difference
And yes, my wife prefered going pillion on the FZ, its comfier and safer, and as its slower not as scary or harsh as the MT

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For 2 up riding a tracer > mt09. Got 12k touring miles on mine and i would say that 90% of that was with wifey aboard.

It's the main reason i went for the tracer, she feels much better being on the back over the old gpz900r i had, she never quite felt the same about that bike after a winter run to a pub involved a (very) low speed, feet down 45 degree slide down a hill on some ice.