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I’m new to the forums, got a new MT-09 2018. I’m relatively new to bikes and have little experience modding bikes. So I have a few questions for the community, any advice is appreciated.
Can anyone suggest a good set of shorty levers that are reliable but not too expensive?
I’m looking to augment my low beams with an extra set of lights. I saw a video on YouTube where someone had some. Does anyone know of a set that would work and look decent, while allowing me to see at night in addition to my low beams, without blinding oncoming traffic?
I’m interested in a handle bar upgrade/swap. The only ones I’m aware of are the ones I’ve seen on YouTube. The ProTaper bars and the WoodCraft clip ons. I like the WoodCrafts, They’re a bit more than I wanted to spend. I’ve seen generic versions of them on eBay for much cheaper if anyone can comment on those. I’d like to get a more aggressive posture. So can I get some feedback on handlebar upgrades for the MT 09?
I’m also interested in rear sets and suspension upgrades, but that’s not an immediate concern. I already installed the comfort seat and have the quick shifter on order, so I’m slowly getting to where I want to be.

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I have the original MT09, the 2013 model, which I bought new in october 2013.
I'd recommend a radiator guard, will save you a holed rad.
I have the cheap ebay shorty levers, were about £15, and have now been on for over 5 years and 32000 miles with no issues.
I have standard bars, but have looked at protapers and renthal fatbars,both would look better.


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Suspension is a priority. I don’t know what I want to do. I saw videos that say ZX-6R rear shock is a cheap upgrade that’s good. And fork cartridges are still a mystery to me.
But a full set of Ohlins would be awesome. I have Ohlins on my 14 Evo X and they’re amazing.
I’m gonna order a set of shorty levers and a radiator guard soon. I already shredded the stock tires, so I have a new set on order.

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On the newer MT-09s, which suspension part would yield a greater improvement, front or rear? I was thinking I’d do the rear first.

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Just personal opinion but with the Nitron on the rear I'm really happy with the bike and probably wont change the front at all now.

For me the rear is enough, but I would say it's the best place to start and then see how you find the bike and whether you want to then upgrade the front.
I wouldn’t ignore the front, but a spring change and new oil is cheap and good enough for me. I have a hyperpro rear shock and fork springs and it transforms my 2017 Tracer. It’s no perfect and fork cartridges and an Nitron or Ohlins shock would be better though twice the price. I can live with it now as it is, the OEM suspension, even when properly set up didn’t do it for me, though I did find the 2017 model better than the 2015 and I did test both. Would have bought in 2015 if the suspension had been as good as the 2017 version.