Best and Worst MPG from your bike?


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I was just reviewing my fuelly figures and I seem to be averaging 48 MPG.
However.... I've managed to get a best of 86 MPG on a rainy day when I put it in B mode and ended up on a huge stretch of motorway roadworks which limited me to 50mph because of average speed cameras and I've managed a worst of 35 MPG when I did lots of short trips and thrashed the nuts off it.
What range of figures are you guys seeing?


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I can JUST do a full week back and fore work.....160 miles !!! on a tank , but the fuel light has been flashing for about 30 miles, and that was winter , in B mode and riding like a resident of ...lets say Bournemouth , for flys sake !:D To be honest , its easier to just fill up mid week..less stress !!


I use fuelly to, best is 55mpg (2 tanks used on motorway at legal speeds), worst is 45mpg. Obviously the mpg on the trip is optimistic, that has read around 60mpg


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I get over 60mpg because I'm slow and keep it on 'B'oring mode. I'm new to bikes. I thought the dash was bust cos the eco sign never goes off. 2 weeks in so STD is on the cards soon.


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Did my first consumption check today, actual mileage was done on a very wet Sunday at the beginning of this week.
Just kept her in B Mode , filled the tank right up to the neck although she was not dropping anything I could see from the overflow pipe(assume that is one of the hoses on the left hand side by the side stand) went for a bimble 92.1 kms and filled her up again to the neck. She took 4.21 ltrs or .93 of a gallon in old money converting to British units that was a return of 53.53 or 57.56 MPG.
As I say I was just plodding along. I am sure if one gives it some right wrist that figure could well be nearly halved.


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I did that yesterday 5 of us out for a ride 900 hornet, 600 CBR. FZ6 & A900 Bonnie, I am not quick but on roads like this no one got near meDSC_0898.jpg