Brake pads


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Just phoned dealers for set of front brake pads, they asked organic pads or sintered pads, have owned bike from new so does new bikes come with organic or sintered am happy with the type I want to replace like for like anyone know thanks


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I replaced mine with sintered the best £36 I spent, I found the original pads (2016 mt09) totally rubbish. I still wouldn't say they were the best brakes I've used.
I don't know many bikes that would come with organic these days.

Organic are good in the dry but terrible in the wet and lose power quickly when the heat builds up. Sintered have much better heat dissipation due to the metal flecks in the material, so work more efficiently up to higher temperatures. They are harder on the disc but a much better choice for all round brake performance.

Choose for your type of riding, if you like pottering around in the dry and brake gently, organic are a nice progressive pad that is quiet and doesn't damage the disc much. If you ride harder, go out in all conditions, sintered would be the better choice.