Cut off wires behind headlight


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Hi everyone,
Wondering if someone here can help me with a wiring mystery on my 2014 MT09. I found cut wiring behind my headlight. It includes 3 wires and goes into the main harness into the
Yellow with dots, green with dots and black with dots. The yellow wire split into 2. The dot look to be green or gold (hard to judge), but are the same color on all 3 wires.
20191115_132721.jpg 20191115_132730.jpg
Someone else might know properly, but did you buy the bike second hand?

If so looks like someone may have spliced into the loom to fit an accessory and then simply cut it off when they sold the bike.

Can't believe Yamaha would leave wiring like that without a connector so that's my only thought.


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Further to JohnD's reply above, I can add that I showed your picture to a technical support guy who works for Yamaha GB at the NEC Bike show today. He said the Green and Yellow wires were usually associated with Lighting and the brown was an earth.
Hope this helps...

I have SW-Motech aux lights on mine but they are wired (properly?!) into to the spare Yamaha power connectors next to the tank. They are always on with the ignition as I use them to be seen.


put a test meter on them and see when they are live, e.g. with ignition off, then on, then with engine running then dip/main beam, then tape them up.


On the Tracer the Lights are LED and the switches go to power. The yellow and brown is the High Beam to power for the relay to use the Spotlights from the battery power.
Lighter power lights that stay on all the time can be wired through the Aux Wires, but not high power spots.