Foot pegs


Hi all
Has anyone fitted aftermarket adventure footpegs, if so have they come complete fitting pins and springs as the Tracer footpeg pins have to be drilled out
I haven't checked mine but looking at the exploded views on the Fowlers website there should be a cotter pin you simply remove to take the footpeg off.

No need for drilling.


On a completely removed subject.. I do get so envious of the pictures you guys post of your bikes... They are always so clean :)


I can't speak for the Tracer, but on my 2015 MT-09 one side has a conventional clevis pin with cotter pin but the other side is 'permanent', i.e. riveted or similar. Probably needs an angle grinder or something to get it off. Maybe it saved a couple of Yen in the factory, or perhaps it's so the complete assembly has to be replaced after an off, thus generating more spares revenue - who knows?
Yeah I just had a look at my Tracer to check and the right hand side has a removable pin but the left hand side is rivetted as bobh says.

So yeah it does indeed look like you'd need to drill / press the pin out to remove the peg.

Bit of a crazy idea that. Personally I'd look into whether the pin from the RHS fits the LHS, then you can simply order the pin with C-clip etc and have both sides removable.


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bobh is correct. I have replaced my standard pegs also - firstly with FJR pegs but when the rubber pad started wearing I fitted a set of specially made Pivot Pegz which work a treat and are really comfortable.