Frame Sliders


I've fitted fehling crash bars. they're quite low down and hence will prevent much damage
would these sliders offer any additional protection over the bars and how?
I've just looked at the Fehling products for the MT-09 and to be honest, they look as if they'd be better than the protectors I've fitted.
I've had a slow speed topple from my bike and the sliders that I fitted took a bit of a hit but stopped any damage to the bike's bodywork except for a very minor paint scratch on a hand guard.
They work for me but I'm guessing your bars would offer a bit better protection at a little faster fall-off.
When I fitted mine, I laid the bike down gently on its side to see if the sliders stopped any part of the bike touching ground and they did.
Perhaps try laying your bike over to see if the low Fehling bars do the same.
If they do, I'd just stick with what you've got. If not, it might be worth adding a set like mine.


I had those type of sliders, but they don't protect the bike in a fall over, the engine cases, bar ends and Panniers take the impact. So I fitted full length engine bars. Happy now.


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I've since had a low speed drop. 5mph.the bars took the full hit. ZERO damage to any of the bike or panels or bars. bit of black hammerite on the crash bar was all that was needed. bars didn't bend or buckle

HIGHLY recommend fehling crash bars