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Can anyone recommend an alarm for my garage, at the moment I have four shed alarms, these are ok to scare off people but I don't think I would hear them if I was asleep. They are battery powered and each take 4AA and don't last very long.
I have mains power and phone in garage also a 6 core alarm type wire to house, what I would like is an alarm and a camera controlled from the house, one that doesn't false trigger, the alarm cable runs along side phone and power cables. Any advice will be most welcome, thanks Kev.


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I have a baby monitor plugged in, in my garage and the receiving half of it in a socket next to my bed, hopefully if someone got inside I would hear them rooting around.
Also the garage is connected to the house burglar alarm system
There are loads of wifi motion detection camera's on the market now (if you have a wifi signal close enough to the garage).

I have a Blink camera covering my back garden/garage which alerts me as soon as it see's movement (there's loads of cheaper ones too but can't vouch for them).

Battery operated and rechargeable but lasts a good while and doesn't seem to give any false positives - inside the garage would last ages I would expect too. With Blink you get free cloud storage included and can set the length of the clip it takes, so even if they spot it and rip it off the wall, the footage of them initially is recorded and you've been sent the alert by then.


Dead mans switch on the door, you rig it when you leave. It goes off when you enter but you know where the switch is. Plumb it into a really REALLY loud bell or siren from ebay.. Very simple, very cheap. Make sure it's loud enough to raise the dead too!

On a side note, as A teen I had an NSR 125:

I lived in a front room bedsit that had a paved area right outside the windows.. Yep, I ran a bit of that clear fishing wire out of the window and attached it to the bike with a clothes peg. On the other end of the wire, in my bedroom, a whole bunch of empty cans hung.. Best burglar alarm anywhere...
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