Hi all. Just bought a small AA 12v compressor to take touring .


Plugged into the cigar lighter socket and popped the fuse! When I eventually located the fuse box ( under the right side panel by the radiator) I was surprised it's only rated at 2 amps. What good is that? The compressor draws only 4A. Surely the circuit can handle a 5A fuse? Has anyone tried this? Can't be bothered to wire another socket from the battery just for this!


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I have wired a 12V Hella-type DIN Socket to the battery of my MT-09. I use this connect to an Optimate charger and also to run a 12V Compressor. I also have a very old BMW tourer which uses the same plug layout so this was a convenient solution.
Plugged into the cigar lighter socket
Where do you keep the ash-tray?

Seriously though, it's an accessory socket, aimed to be used for charging phones and powering sat-navs, nothing with a high power requirement.

It may take a higher fuse and be ok for just really short uses, but I wouldn't risk it if Yamaha decided it should be a 2A. Waiting for the inflator to pump up a tyre and you may start melting wiring. Better to install your own like JohnB mentions above if you need a higher output socket.


It only draws 4A but I'm inclined to agree with you. Some crocodile clips coming up, I think. It's no big deal lifting the seat to access the battery in the unlikely event I will even need to use it!