Hi from Stockport


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Hi all,

Soon to be owner of a mt09sp, I hope!! As soon as I recover from my broken arm... not bike related.

Currently own a 74 Norton Commando and a 79 Honda CBX1000.

Getting on now and need a lighter bike as the CBX weighs over 600lbs.

SP looks to fill all my needs, did think about a 790 Duke too and about 20 other bikes, hi again to all.


Classic 70's machines

I don't know of anyone who regretted buying an MT09, hope the arm heals quick so you can enjoy it.


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Bought my Tracer for similar reasons, the GS was just getting heavier every year, or was I skipping the necessary gym sessions. 😉. I also thought about a KTM but I’ve had one before, nuff said. It’s a learning experience, even more than Ducati ownership.


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You will love it, I was amazed at how much lighter than my FZ1 it is. It’s only a few kg heavier than my KH500 :D