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Velofel South Africa You can also try to organize a casual meeting, perhaps to drink a coffee at the bar or eat a pizza, and try to talk to her with all the calmness of the case, making him remember the good times spent together and telling her that you, without her, are not more the same and that you miss so much. Even women who wonder will have to do the same: in addition to a personal meeting, you can also take the opportunity to try and make him jealous. Boys usually hate when their women flirt for others. In this way, he will be able to understand if he still has an interest in you or, if in reality, you are the only one who wants to put back a story that is actually completely over. However, remember that it is strictly forbidden to speak ill of one's ex: when a story ends, mistakes are made in pairs and there is absolutely no need to talk behind one's back. Rather, he is always respectful and owed a face-to-face meeting to tell himself everything one thinks. In this case, however, you have no interest in repurposing the past and the quarrel, rather you must try in every way to bring it back to you, perhaps trying to bring back into your thoughts the trips and experiences made together in recent years. Also, let's not forget that you can also try to regain it without looking like a stalker: avoid following it and chasing it anywhere and, above all, giving it the right trust without looking like a hound attached to his smartphone. Of course, he too will have to do the same thing and adapt to the situation, otherwise your love affair will eventually become a cage for both. Now all you have to do is immediately get to work with your or your ex, so as to try to regain trust in others and build a wonderful love story with a happy ending again. Leave aside the jars of Nutella or the tear-jerky films, because the real solution to your problem is to find yours and her and return to live the happy days of the past. The end of a loving relationship is always painful. The reactions are different from person to person but for those who are experiencing this period it is useful to know that immediately after the end of a relationship there are 4 phases to overcome. Of course, not all of them are like that, a lot depends on their previous experiences throughout their lives, if they are facing separation from a great love for the first time and if there have been similar experiences before.