Left hand fork leg with rebound damping

Has any one put right hand fork internals in left hand leg. So as to have two rebound adjusters. If so were they any good
just to say. I put right hand internals in left hand leg and it make the front end feel so much more planted. there is a rearly good utube video you can watch and listen to that some bloke did to his. the only problem I found was it was over damped and did not ride over are crappy roads. the right hand leg I got hold of was also different damping to right hand leg I had in bike. do believe if some one was clever with suspension could be an cheap mod to front end.


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And if anyone wants a pair of fork cartridges to do this mod, I've a pair available for £30.

I originally bought them to do this mod after seeing that video which said it's the best value mod for fixing the poor fork damping.


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The best value mod for the front is to change the fork oil. I used a 12 weight oil (10+15 mix) bell ray.