New bike and tyre concerns


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I am hoping to pick up a new MT-09 next weekend and I heard on videos and articles that the tyres that come with the bike as standard are, for want of a better word, crap...

Are they? Are they dangerous enough that different tyres are a very wise idea?
I am happy to get them changed before I pick it up IF the are THAT bad,



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Mine came with Bridgestone S21 tyres.
I've ridden in pretty much in every sort of weather except snow.
Although I've had no issues with them there are better options to be had.
I am due a new pair soon, going by reviews and other forums the new Michelin Pilot Road 5s seem to top of the list right now for grip, wear,feel etc.
That said, people want different things from their tyres, not every type of tyre will suit every style of riding.


I've had two 09s and both came with Bridgestones they are a good quality tyre but I found that after 4 thousand miles they needed replacing I now run
Michelin PR4s as they wear better than Bridgestones

the cueball

Nothing wrong with the S21 tyres...

That’s being said, I’ve changed mine for the Metzeler M7rr.

Amazing tyres that I current have on a couple of bikes.


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Ah thanks.
I thought the tyres/tires were not 'real' S20 OEM.
I'll check. I don't mind spending £270 on brand new PR5s or Diablo 111s.
I can keep the OEM stuff for use when desperate or try to sell it on.


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Yes, change them. "Proper" Bridgestones are great. I had them on my XJR1300, but the OE ones on the MT09s are iffy. I had a nasty slide on mine, even though they had plenty of tread and seemed to be sticky when warmed up, and I could feel every white line on the road. Swapped them for Michelin PR4s. Brilliant.


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Have just had a pair of Michelin Road 5's fitted, after going through 2 x sets of Road 4's.
Up to now the ride is awesome in both dry and wet.
Fully recommend them.


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I wore my originals out and put on a set of Pirelli angel gt. I live in central Australia and the road surface and camber wear out pilot roads in 3000 ks plus temps around 40 degrees c. I am very impressed with the grip( dry for 50 weeks of the year ) and seem to have good even wear. We ride at well above the posted speed limit of 130kph and have never felt let down by the Gts.


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Im at 8600kms on my s21r and they were good but they didn't last enought for me since where I live there are not enought curves and I need to travel alot on highway, therr are done already and flatspot on the center

Can't wait to buy my michelin pilot road

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mine came with Dunlops, did 400 miles then ditched them, they were dire in the wet and not that great in the dry, no feedback from them at all.
stuck Conti RoadAttack 3’s on and much happier, did 300 miles last Sunday, mostly in the rain, and they were excellent

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