New MT 09 problems

MT Paul

New member
Hi hopefully someone can help me,

I have a 2019 mt 09 with 500 miles on it, now going for its first service.

1st problem is there is a rattle coming from the bottom of the gearshift/arm area, only when the engine is under strain or leaning over to the left??? ( the chain is adjusted right and the rear wheel is aligned, Cant seem to see anything loose)

2nd problem the quickshifter seems ruff and clunky and when accelerating hard sometimes wont shift into 4th.(I am not trying to change gear at low revs)

I have had a MT 10 and i still have a R1M, and both of the quickshifters on them are smooth and i have no problems.

Has anyone experienced these problems with the MT 09

I will be on at the dealers about it, I just want to get as much information as possible before they try and palm it off saying they cant find anything wrong.