New seat


Have just replaced the OEM with a Sargent heated seat. Not had a chance to try it out yet but it seems more substantial than the original. Will give a report once I've done a few miles.


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I’ve got one on mine! Very good! I also lifted the front by an inch and put the rear in lowest position!
About a month ago i'm sitting on my new Yamaha flat vintage seat, which is offered in the special price of 58 euros.. (the seat costs 75 euros minus 25% customer's discount..)
My first impresions after more than 1000km:
it is more comfortable than the stock seat
Its not slippery at all -instead of std seat that slips when braking
i;m sitting about 2-3cm higher
it is "supermotard" type of sitting and that helps at easier controlof the bike during cornering
My feet feel more comfortable during riding
it has good material and stiching.. the black sides are made of leather and the sitting area is from brown antislip material.
The flat vintage seat suits well on my matt-grey MT-09
The best 58 euros spent..!


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To raise the front of my front seat I slotted an inch length of tube into the front round rubber feet that the seat sits on. The front tab that sits in the slots in front of the tank now sits above the top slot, so I made a z shaped piece of flat metal. Bolted it to the nut at the bottom with top of z straightened to go over the tab!