No Throttle response


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Apr 23, 2022
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BC canada
ok so here is what happened, I got my bike tuned, rode it right home, it sat for maybe a month or more, i had a lithium battery in it, i went to start it yesterday and it was completely dead, i tried charging it, jumping it and nothing, then i hit some buttons and it kinda woke up so took battery out, charged it up then as soon as i put the terminals on the bike tried to start by it self so i took the battery lead off and touch it again and it tried again to start so took it off again then connected it and it didnt try to start, then i tried to actually start it and it wouldnt start it would start for like 1 second and then stall out so i did this about 20 times and finally it started to idle but sounded sorta bad like struggling to stay on. then once i let it warm up a bit, i twisted the throttle and NOTHING. it wouldnt rev or anything.. so i called my tuner, he said cause it died to turn the key on and off 3 times then try.. so i did that and nothing.. so hes going to come pick it up one of these days but i thought if anyone had any ideas so that maybe i can try to fix it my self please help!!!.... i did unscrew the rear sets as i had new ones so not sure if that would cause anything, the clutch side just comes off but the brake side is attached to all the brake stuff so i dont know if when i unscrewed that and it dangled a bit would cause a thing in the ecu to cut the throttle...