Plast-dip'ed the Tracer

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May 7, 2019
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I've got a matt silver Tracer, but always liked the look of the red ones (a friend was selling this one and I knew it had been well looked after so made sense to go for it), so decided to try out the plasti-dip.

I noticed plasti-dip have brought out a new(ish) metallic range so tried it out. Goes on well and although it doesn't really look very metallic when dry, it is quite a nice matt red colour. I had the tank off to change the air filter anyway, so thought it an ideal time to try it out.

Anyway, here's a picture of it, I quite like it and the bonus is when I get bored I can simply peel it off :)

Yeah it's under the fluorescent tubes of the garage lights so the colour isn't really very accurate.

Easy enough to do if you're handy with a rattle can and use the same principles - make sure surface is spotless and degreased, then apply thin coats, allowing them to dry enough to be tacky but not properly dry between coats. Then build up around 4 'wet' coats minimum to get a nice finish.

Also the thicker the layer, the easier it is to peel off when you want to remove it. A couple of layers and it'll be breaking and you'll be picking it off for ages, whereas a nice thick layer will peel nicely off in one sheet.

Only thing to remember with this is if you get any runs or dust in it, it's game over. You can't sand/polish it back like you can with conventional paint, but to be honest other than that it's pretty easy to get a nice finish.

This is 'volcano red' in their 'luxury metal' range. I think the metallic aspect of this stuff is questionable, as once dry it's a matt finish and the metallic finish doesn't really show at all, but it's a nice thing to try if you fancy a change or a protective coat over your paintwork for winter etc.
just been reading about it. So, no primer or top coat? Just your 4 coats and thats it?
Will be interesting to see how it peels if, and if its effected the original matt grey.
How many cans did you use, and were they the 400ml cans?
Yeah no need for primer etc - just degrease and spray on.

I peeled it off the one headlight shroud as I wasn't happy with the finish (was still getting used to using it) and it peeled off fine. It sit's passively on the surface and shouldn't affect the paint underneath - it's been out years and people have done entire cars in it with no negative effects - in fact it's often used as a way of protecting the paint underneath.

I bought 4 of the 400ml cans and have used 2 1/2 for that complete job - some of which was repeating the shroud over the light, so I reckon you could get away with 2 cans, 3 to be on the safe side for heavier coats that will peel easier.