Suspension Upgrade?

Russ Quinlan

New member
Aiming to upgrade the suspension on the Tracer before the weather improves.

So what has everyone gone for and do you also upgrade the front, and if so, with what ?

I know we could spend silly money doing this but just need some realistic prices, given the cost of the bike is relatively cheap, just need something to improve on standard.



New member
I'll be interested in this as I'm thinking of doing my 2016 standard 09, have looked MT-09 2013-2016 - JHS RACING STORE I think they said something like £180 for fitting to loose forks, and £60ish for forks in situ, and the rear shock, so something like £1300 all told. I'm thinking of getting it done as mates are getting CBR600RR's etc, don't want to be left way in the distance :)