Important Tapatalk Disabled


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I recently found out that the company who makes the app (Tapatalk) has started to store user information from forums and have begun to sell advertising based upon this information. We don't sell your info and we don't like the fact that we can't have control over that aspect to keep others from doing it. Another reason is that we like to have control over our community and we don't like some of the tactics used by Tapatalk to force us to comply with their methodology. They also will not support the full features of our forum and it leaves for an incomplete experience for some users at times.


I don't know why anyone would think a company like that.. or any other digital company isn't collecting, using and selling data on you/us/everyone...

Every website you visit, every app you download even windows it's self is spying on you to some degree or another...
I stopped using tapatalk years ago anyway.

Was great in the early days when phones were more basic, but once phones became decent enough to view fully in a normal browser I didn't see the point in it.