Touring mods on 2019 MT-09

I would like to do touring mods on my 2019 MT-09. I need bags and a seat. Was try to find the the best set vs the cheapest set vs best bang for buck. I would like a 3 bag system. I need the whole kit, bags and mounting frame. Fender has been eliminated and I have an integrated tail light so blinkers are also gone. I would like hard bags, but any will do. Shad looks good, but is it worth $600 for the hard bag set?

Also, a seat, as the stock is not comfortable enough to be riding 8 hours a day, especially with a passenger. The Bagster MT-09 seat looks good and is only $250. Is it any good?

Do any of y'all have any insight about this conundrum I'm in? Thanks

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I’m a dry bag and air seat kind of guy...

I find it easier to tour with this set up, only for a couple of weeks maximum mind you, for longer trips I take the Pan European.

Can’t help with the luggage, but I’ve recently purchased a Shad comfort seat... and it was ok... don’t find it any better than the air seat below to be honest...



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Here's what I've personally used on my 2015 FZ-09 - for the bags I use a Dowco Fastrax elite series sport and adventure saddlebag set. I believe they discontinued these awhile back, but I was able to scrounge up links for retailers that still carry them.

It's $140 for the tail bag, and $180 for both saddlebags. The three bags connect via straps that run underneath the tail and secure to the passenger peg bracket, no drilling holes or special mounting brackets required. You can use the tail bag by itself, or all three bags at once. I've taken these upwards of 90mph and the strap system held beautifully, didn't loosen one bit. They're semi-soft bags, plastic cases lined with fabric and padded. So they're not completely rigid but they do hold their shape and don't flop around. They have water resistant zippers and come with a rain cover for the tail bag. The bags have additional accordion sections, so you can expand and collapse to adjust the capacity as needed.

As far as the seat goes, I bought a cheap $40 seat pad which isn't bad for throwing on top of the stock seat. I also have a Corbin Gunfighter seat I put on sometimes that's super comfy. It cups your butt which is great, although that feature makes it harder to shift side to side and hang off if you decide to do some spirited canyon riding.

Hope this helps :) If you'd like pictures of the bags or seat, just let me know

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