Touring mods on 2019 MT-09

I would like to do touring mods on my 2019 MT-09. I need bags and a seat. Was try to find the the best set vs the cheapest set vs best bang for buck. I would like a 3 bag system. I need the whole kit, bags and mounting frame. Fender has been eliminated and I have an integrated tail light so blinkers are also gone. I would like hard bags, but any will do. Shad looks good, but is it worth $600 for the hard bag set?

Also, a seat, as the stock is not comfortable enough to be riding 8 hours a day, especially with a passenger. The Bagster MT-09 seat looks good and is only $250. Is it any good?

Do any of y'all have any insight about this conundrum I'm in? Thanks

the cueball

I’m a dry bag and air seat kind of guy...

I find it easier to tour with this set up, only for a couple of weeks maximum mind you, for longer trips I take the Pan European.

Can’t help with the luggage, but I’ve recently purchased a Shad comfort seat... and it was ok... don’t find it any better than the air seat below to be honest...