Tracer non-standard screen adjustment for wind noise


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I fitted the puig touring screen without visor which worked great at stopping noise but I couldn't get used to the top of the screen being in my eye line so sold it,I've now fitted a zero gravity light tint double bubble screen £60 eBay which is better for me as its not in my eye line but still gives good noise & wind protection on highest setting I am 5'8 ,it doesn't give as good protection as a puig touring screen but is still very good plus its sportier to look at and there's no taking the outer hand gaurds off like on the puig touring screen.

Boab Dreeps

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My 2008 R1 screen on the Tracer is less rough round the edges and has somw additions.
- A lick of matt black paint
- A sticker (woo-hoo! everyone loves a sticker!)
- And some bits dremel'd off one of my extensive collection of aftermarket Tracer screens

The donnor screen was the absolute turd that was the MRA touring screen.
I sliced off the side bits that sculpt round the side of the dash and bolted them under the R1 screen.

Does it work?
Oh...absolutely...or it could be that I'm convincing myself it works cos I made it myself.

Next I will be bolting a grass collector from a Flymo Venturer Tubro 350 to the front of my Tracer.
Cos it's lying in my garage with no other use...and lets face it, you could stick anything on the front of the Tracer and it would be just as good as any of the screens currently on offer.

Anyway, here are some pics of what I did...


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Small Puig Windscreen

Went out today after fitting a Puig 15 small double bubble screen. Weather was very blowy so a good dat to compare to standard screen i have had on bike since purchase in Oct 16. The wind noise around the helmet was significantly improved, obviously buffering around shoulders increased but all in all for me being 5ft8 this has made a big difference from the standard screen. I could hear music from my sena headset beyond the NSL whereas this was not possible previously. As previous threads have indicated this is a very viable alternative to the standard screen.


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Ermax Sport Screen

Hi everyone. Just bought a second hand 2016 tracer. Very happy with it. It came with a VStream screen:

But, as all of you here, going deaf from the wind noise with this screen. I'm 1.79 (about 5 foot 9). I haven't tried to stock one yet, but not expecting improvement based on what I've read on line.

So, did some googling (a lot actually) and it seems that most positive results are from the shorter screens. I also saw @Fuerstenberger experimental wind tunnel results (a bit up in the thread) which concluded that a lot of turbulence is coming from the sides of the screen. So did some more googling and came across this Ermax Sport Screen:


It's relatively short (35 cm) and it's wider at the bottom then the stock screen. I also think it looks really good, but that's of lesser imprantance 🙂 Did anyone try this screen? And if so, how was it?


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I’m 5’10 and I’ve got an Ermax touring screen with a cheap Chinese screen extender on top. It’s worth at least 20mph and I can ride with my visor part open at 70mph. And it’s quiet. Shame it’s so ugly.