Mar 30, 2015
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I have squared off my rear tyre, being a new rider I have only the last few months started to really use the sides more, but with that and some good motorway mileage I am getting close to the limit on the top of the tyre ( after only 2600 mile) I have probably about 500 mile left on the tops so I need to start thinking about a new tyre. Any suggestions on which to get if i dont stick with the battleaxe
if you're not a confident rider yet, and do a lot of motorway, then I'd go for a multi compound tyre, something with harder rubber in the middle, Pilot Power 2CT or 3 are a good compromise, Pilot Road 4's are very popular, are great in the cold or wet and my preferred winter tyre, I got 4500 miles from a set last winter.
I use the bike for motorway mostly, some in town riding, and weekends are resevered for a twisty roads with friends.
Changed the rear tyre to BT023 which is a sport turing tyre and must say that i am very happy with the outcome, good cornering and i think (hope) it will result in a double mialeage
I had a set of BT023's fitted to mine at 3000 miles. On the plus side they lasted 6000 miles easily. On the downside they caused a speed wobble that meant I couldnt go over 100mph. I posted on here about the problem at the time, and I did speak to the tech guys at Bridgestone, who said that the BT023 is not recommended for the MT09
I stuck a set of PR4s on mine and can't recommend them enough.
No more high speed wobble and much more confidence in corners.
Go Michelin, do it now
I have only the rear BT023, the fron is stock D214, i know that it is not recomended to use different makes for the tyres, but being a 30 years veteran in motorcycling, never had a problem with that. Regarding the speed wobble it appeared on the stock tyres also just above 215kmh, which is a speed i usually do not travel at, so no problem :)